Who is doing what to whom and why?

In Summary

• DPP Noordin Haji about to make big decision about Senator Mithika Linturi.

• DP Ruto's security guards mistreating journalists

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi talks to the press aat a Nairobi hotel 2012.Photo/file
BOMBSHELL?: Meru Senator Mithika Linturi talks to the press aat a Nairobi hotel 2012.Photo/file
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If you thought you've heard enough about Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and his marital problems, think again. Another bombshell is about to be dropped and this one could get him arrested. Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji is about to receive an investigation report on issues the controversial senator has been accused of. It is understood the explosive file will be forwarded today for Haji's decision, which is expected in days. 

What's with the security team of Deputy President William Ruto? The men guarding Kenya's second most powerful man have been manhandling journalists, especially photojournalists. On Sunday they pushed and pulled a woman photographer covering the DP in Dagoretti. A similar thing has happened to four other journalists from different media houses, even when they have stayed in their line.  This may be an issue David Mugonyi, the DP's Communications director, may want to deal with.

Excitement knows no age or status. An MP has been so excited that he is telling anyone who cares to listen that he has enrolled for a law degree.  The man has been struggling to acquire a new accent and tries to toss in legal jargon each time he addresses the media. Interestingly, some of the words he uses are inappropriate and out of context. Perhaps the good lawmaker needs to pay more attention in class.

Questions have risen as to why State House did not present to Parliament the names of all those nominated as ambassadors at once. While the first list was presented more than three weeks ago, a second one found its way to the House last week and has been committed to the Foreign Relations committee. What is curious about the list is the number of people from one region who have landed ambassadorial jobs.  It is not clear if the committee will take note of the matter and ask for ethnic balance. 

An MP from the Eastern region is afraid that he might not be reelected in 2022. This is because he has abandoned all his kept political supporters and started awarding tenders to relatives who are incompetent. Some of his core backers have sought political refuge in his fiercest opponent’s camp and are already campaigning against the MP. He has resorted to moving around at night alone, visiting people and asking for their support. He is already at loggerheads with educationists who claim that he doesn't allow them to oversee school projects.