In Summary

• Just what is happening at an organisation that has roots in the Ministry of Agriculture?.

• A Migori MP is under siege after his personal assistant, a youth who campaigned.

LEAVING: Raila Odinga.
LEAVING: Raila Odinga.

An MP from Migori county is a man under siege after his personal assistant, a youth who campaigned for him decamped. The young man, who has stood by the legislator in his lowest moments, is said to have switched allegiance to the MP's rival. This has created tension in the constituency with voters questioning how he handles those closest to him. Recently, Corridors whispered to you how the MP has been behaving badly to his staff by deducting part of their salaries and allowances in the guise of paying other supporters. The legislator is said to have panicked and is considering approaching ODM leader Raila Odinga to mediate in the matter that, if not corrected, might be catastrophic to his political career.

Just what is happening at an organisation rooted at the Ministry of Agriculture? Word has it that the management is unable to account for over Sh700 million the organisation was given by the government to upgrade all its branches across the country. It's reported that half of this money must have been lost after several tenders to upgrade the branches were cancelled under suspicious circumstances. Some insiders want the management led by the long-serving chief executive officer to be removed to pave the way for investigations by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission led by Twalib Mbarak.

A sacco with a huge following mostly in Mt Kenya region is said to be heading in the wrong financial direction. Those in the know say the management has not remitted several quarterly dues for payment to several retired people who deposited money with them. A case in point is where a former teacher deposited Sh1 million with the sacco and has not been paid his interest each quarter of a year. Attempts by the teacher to follow up the matter are said to have hit a dead end and the former teacher is contemplating his next move including writing to the State to help him get his dues.

It is not in doubt that a company that is quasi-government is setting the stage for banks and other lenders to give affordable loans to its members to buy or build homes. However, the critical question on the lips of many observers is whether the implementers have forgotten the two-thirds gender rule in the board. The concerned are asking why an entity in which the government has an interest, could not pick at least one woman to sit in the board unveiled by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week.