In Summary

• Are some Nairobi MCAs plotting to impeach one of Governor Mike Sonko’s most trusted executives? 

• Brace for a battle as PNU  delegates meets today at Kasarani.

Former President Mwai Kibaki
Former President Mwai Kibaki
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As former President Mwai Kibaki’s PNU prepares to host 6,000 delegates during its NDC today, those in the know expect a titanic duel between two factions. One fronting the Kieleweke axis, the other the Tangatanga conclave. The Kieleweke side comprises officials who’ll be defending their seats, while the Tangatanga group aims to win by any means. Our mole says the Tangatanga group is split into two, ostensibly to increase its chances. One group is led by a Rift Valley politician who has claimed to ‘own’ the party after Kibaki retired. The second faction is under a former head of a European mission whose detractors call a busybody. He's accused of fielding his blood brother for a senior party post. The Tangatanga group is rumoured to want to buy the party altogether. With such tactics playing out in PNU, Kasarani is likely to turn into Kisirani!

A Nyanza governor scheduled to furnish the Senate with crucial documents he had failed to submit, has resorted to taking   11 MCAs to Mwanza. This was after the committee, which reports directly to the Senate, took a major part in framing the audit queries. The MCAs are said to have been facilitated generously to attend the meeting. It was to be hush-hush until a member posted his photo at the venue on social media. This sparked social media outrage from the public and other MCAs.


The buyout of a Kenyan financial company by a South Africa-based multinational that has been on a takeover spree of businesses has hit headwinds. After paying billions of shillings for the takeover, the South African conglomerate realised the Kenyan firm was overvalued and has slowed down. It's feared the transaction might head to court. Major shareholders already got their payments from the buyout and it is will tough for the SA company to get its money back. Are regulatory authorities conducting due diligence and protecting investors in mergers and buyouts?

Are some Nairobi MCAs plotting to impeach one of Governor Mike Sonko’s most trusted executives? Corridors of Power is informed the removal process is at an advanced stage and the motion could be introduced when members return from recess. They claim the official is unfit for office. They claim he was approved by the vetting committee after the governor intervened. The committee earlier rejected the nomination after poking holes in his academic papers. The agitated representatives now claim that despite the favour, the official has become arrogant and no longer listens to them.