In Summary

• A senator who is a member of a watchdog committee has become a laughing stock of both the committee members and the public.

• A speaker of one of the Rift Valley county assemblies has run into trouble with his bishop and church members

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta
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No doubt that a few months ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta was to reshuffle his Cabinet, a move that would have seen some ministers dropped. Now, Corridors has learnt that some CSs who had intelligence that they were to be sacked hurriedly booked an appointment with the President and laid bare why they should not be victimised. A small bird who has close ties with State House whispered to Corridors that the CSs were frank with Uhuru. They said the accusations levelled against them, and which would be the basis of their sacking, were a result of pressure and instructions from some influential figures with strong connexions with the President. And on hearing this, Uhuru is said to have decided to shelve the reshuffle.

A member of a Senate watchdog committee has become a laughing stock of his colleagues and the public. The lawmaker not only arrives late for House sittings but it also appears that most of the ideas canvassed in the committee are beyond his grasp. In some cases, the Jubilee senator asks irrelevant questions. In other instances, he repeats questions that have been asked and answered.

A speaker of one of the Rift Valley county assemblies has run into trouble with his bishop and church members. A source in the county has told Corridors that the speaker has backslid to his old ways and now drinks heavily and attends church services smelling alcohol. The source further said it took the courage of a congregant who stood soon after the church service and challenged the bishop to explain why the man was shaming the church by preaching water and drinking wine. The upset bishop is said to have taken his time rebuking the speaker, reminding him of the several prayers they had said for him, more so when he was to be impeached.

A senior court official is on the spot over the manner in which he handled a case where an old man was attacked and seriously injured by a young man. The youth, who is related to a national government administrator, was overheard a week before the court proceedings saying he had been promised by the judicial officer, through his lawyer, that if he parted with a good amount, he would get away with the crime. The old man is now contemplating filing a petition with the Judicial Service Commission and the office of the Ombudsman to register his frustrations against the officer, who is said to have overstayed at the station.