Why are KNUT officials opposed to the new curriculum?

In Summary

• Fight for the control of the powerful confidential expenditure vote pits Harambee Houses Annex against the Office of the President.

• Wealthy MCA shocks colleagues with overnight wealth. 

Auditor Genral Edward Ouko at a past function. /FILE
Auditor Genral Edward Ouko at a past function. /FILE

Just why are some officials of the giant teachers’ union — Knut — so vehemently opposed to roll-out of the Competency-Based Curriculum?  An insider has intimated that senior officials of the union fear the CBC will lock them and their cronies out of business. Corridors of Power understands a senior Knut official is fighting for his brother who runs one of the top publishers of exam revision materials. The brother has been in business for decades and is a renowned supplier. He fears his business will collapse if the CBC is implemented. The new curriculum seeks to replace many exams, including the KCSE and KCPE exams, with Continuous Assessment Tests.

It is emerging that Harambee House Annexe and the Office of the President are fighting for control of powerful confidential expenditure. Corridors of Power is informed that top officers at both offices are battling for the billions used in unaccounted-for covert state operations. Usually, Auditor General Edward Ouko has limited access to the accounts for auditing purposes, making the vote the most abused budget line. The bad blood between the offices is worsening by the day amid claims the Annex has been starved of the crucial confidential expenditure vote to run some of Deputy President William Ruto's events. The DP's allies have blamed the standoff on Interior PS Karanja Kibicho saying he is deliberately 'clinging' to the multi-million vote without regard to Harambee House Annex. Things are so bad that last week Ruto confronted Kibicho at JKIA as they waited to welcome back President Uhuru Kenyatta from Rwanda. 

It seems the morale of some Cabinet Secretaries has hit an all-time low based on what one CS was recently overheard saying. The CS lamented that some have been made to feel inferior to others, despite all of them sitting in the same Cabinet, earning the same salary and having the same job description. He complained that some of their colleagues are treated like ‘super-ministers.’ They have elaborate security details and control huge budgets. They also have the President’s ears and attract much media attention.

Members of the Migori County Public Service Board are very unhappy with a senior staff member who has refused to obey the board's orders. The board which is responsible for personnel issues had previously interdicted the officer. But the officer who is related to another county chief moved to court and obtained favourable orders. Since then, the man is reportedly coming to work when he wants and pays those he wants. He has been bragging that he will get any orders in the courts because he knows how much he need to pay some judicial officers