Corridors of Power

In Summary

• Senator tries to extort governor for favourable 'grilling' during Public Accounts committee questioning.

• Senior government official's marriage on the rocks.

ODM leader Raila Odinga
ODM leader Raila Odinga
Image: FILE

So who exactly organised the heckling of Opposition Chief Raila Odinga in his Kisumu home turf? Well, sources close to the ODM leader whispered to Corridors that the heckling was organised by two prominent people. One is a sitting lawmaker from Kisumu county while the other is a prominent businessman who previously worked closely with Raila. Its said that the businessman has had  interests in the land where the government wants to establish industrial parks in a bid to make Kisumu an economic zone. So the businessman reportedly gave the lawmaker huge facilitation fee to organise the heckling. It's not clear whether Raila, who courtesy of the handshake, is working closely with the State and was given intelligence from NIS. However, his team seems to have every single detail of how the heckling was planned.

A Senator's efforts to extort a first-term governor who was appearing before the powerful Public Accounts and Investments Committee flopped. The lawmaker had booked an appointment to meet the county boss at a hotel adjacent to Parliament Buildings a day before the governor was scheduled to face the watchdog panel. Initial negotiations, according to an aide to the governor, resolved that the senator be given some Sh2 million for onward transmission to colleague committee members for favourable grilling. However, the governor declined to release the money late that night after another senior senator approached him on phone and warned him against working with the lawmaker under question as he was a well-known extortionist who never delivered anything to others. Unfortunately, each of the two senators continued to push for the money separately before the governor became jittery and decided not to pick their calls even on the material day. The senators tried to sneak in irrelevant auditor matters to the committee during the grilling session to intimidate the governor but were rebuffed by the committee chairman Moses Kajwang' who, despite not knowing their agenda of the duo, firmly steadied the session.

A female MP from northern Kenya who dropped her husband after the last election for a tycoon businessman is walking a tightrope. The MP has been suffering in silence and ashamed of disclosing her tribulations to the family and even colleagues as they would ridicule her for swift wrong decisions. The lawmaker, despite the role her estranged husband had in securing her victory in the closely contested woman representative polls, decided to dump the father of her two kids for the flashy car dealer who plies his trade around Kiambu area. However, unbeknownst to her, the new catch was abusive with links to some illicit groups terrorising residents in her home county. Last Friday, the women moved out of their mansion in Kiambu road for a rented house in Eastleigh as she tries to pick her pieces. She is said to have already lost his V8 Prado after the 'husband' sold it with a promise of topping up to buy her a more elegant car. She also risks losing some of the properties co-shared with husband number two, including two plum parcels of land in Karen as they are not in her name.

Still on matters family, the marriage of a senior government official is on the rocks. Why? Sources whispered to Corridors that a failed politician from North Eastern is openly going out with the wife. The man at the centre of the marital turbulence lives a flashy lifestyle courtesy of the big man’s wife. It's said that tension is palpable in the matrimonial homes and its not clear how things will turn out.