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Killings take spiritual turn

In Summary

•Who is behind the Matungu killings?

•Vocal politician stranded in a hotel 

IG Hillary Mutyambai
IG Hillary Mutyambai

When will the endless killings in Matungu end? And why are police dragging their feet on arresting the key mastermind? Well, on the ground, the matter has taken a purely spiritual angle. Corridors has been told the man financing the killings is a vocal and bitter politician from Western. But what is the motive behind the bizarre killings where nothing is stolen? Some people claiming to be in the know claim the bloodletting is for ritual purposes so the man can be accepted in a satanic club for quick riches as well for political mobilisation ahead of 2022 elections. The man is reportedly seeking powers to be seen as the one controlling the region for one of the 2022 political aspirants. Police boss Hillary Mutyambai has a difficult assignment no doubt.

Is there a row simmering between Senate Minority leader Kipchumba Murkomen and his National Assembly counterpart Aden Duale? The two engaged in a nasty Twitter war over the handling of bills. But some people in the know say there is more. The two were previously close confidants of Deputy President William Ruto. However Duale, who had previously vowed to jump from the rooftop of KICC in defence of Ruto and President Kenyatta, has gone mum. Some people were heard saying the differences are major and the online spat was just the tip of the iceberg.

A county secretary from Nyanza is entangled in politics despite being a civil servant who should remain apolitical. The officer, who has been taking advantage of the governor's weaknesses, has been crisscrossing the county making political declarations that have brought to question his neutrality in executing the functions of his office. In one occasion, the powerful county secretary warned that politicking between the executive and county assembly risked plunging the county into total paralysis. Oblivious of the impact of his statements, the officer remarked that MCAs should avoid politics. The statement has sparked fury from the local legislators who have vowed to teach the officer a lesson in the coming days. It is only a matter of days before the county officer's troubles kick off, with the governor said to be backing MCAs who want to force the besieged officer out of office.