Corridors of Power

By Political Desk

In Summary

Social media abuzz with concerns that the DP was, perhaps, not being careful in his political calculations.

Was Deputy President William Ruto duped yesterday into addressing a press conference on the raging hunger crisis in Turkana? Many wondered why the DP, who has been under siege in recent months from Opposition leaders and a faction of his own Jubilee Party, agreed to address the press on a very sensitive matter like hunger. Social media was abuzz with concerns that the DP was perhaps not being careful in his political calculations. Now that he has been under fire, why didn't he allow President Uhuru Kenyatta to speak on the hunger crisis? As usual, the lies the government tells about hunger deaths may come back to haunt the DP. It could have been interesting if the President and his handshake partner Raila Odinga told Kenyans the plans they have to fix the perennial problem. Perhaps that could have allowed Ruto an opportunity to score against his rivals.

A controversial gun runner is pressuring the police to arrest and charge a man he assaulted. Although the assault victim filed charges against the tycoon long ago, the process is being delayed to allow him to file alleged extortion claims against his victim. Interestingly, the officer pursuing the alleged extortion is a worried man. The victim’s witness has recorded a statement and had a P3 filled by a doctor. A policeman allied to the tycoon is now hunting down the victim to charge him and thwart assault charges. The only hope now for the victim is in DCI chief George Kinoti.

A loudmouth in the Tanga Tanga movement was recently ashamed. The MP claims to have served in the military and adorns the Major (Rtd)  title. He was taken to task when he was commissioned in the army. The man was throwing his weight around when he met some officers whom he expected to treat him as a senior. But on realising he was cornered, he vanished in shame.

That young people clamour to be elected to office is no longer debatable. But their conspicuous absence and lack of concern for issues hurting their constituents are becoming a matter of concern to many. Traders at Gikomba Market, Nairobi, have cried foul, even swearing not to repeat the mistake of electing a youthful MP. The lot, Corridors is informed, has bemoaned losing former MP Maina Kamanda, saying he understood their needs compared to current MP Charles Njagua, aka Jaguar. Most of them blame the clueless youths who gang up in support of the poor performers during nominations. Over to you, the electorate.