Corridors of Power

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•Is the petition seeking the removal of Chief Justice David Maraga from office a ploy to bring Wajir clan politics to the Supreme Court?


Chief Justice David Maraga.
Chief Justice David Maraga.
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Is the petition seeking the removal of Chief Justice David Maraga from office a ploy to bring Wajir clan politics to the Supreme Court? Corridors has learnt that some of the drafters of the said petition are being fronted by a former clerk of the National Assembly who has since joined the Tangatanga movement. Those in the know say the petition drafters are pushing to disorient JSC from concentrating on the earlier petition for the removal of some members of the bench.

A Cabinet Secretary has for a long time had his way in frustrating the government from resolving the challenges facing residents of Kitengela town. A source told Corridors that the CS has been making a kill - as much as Sh1 million per week, which is wired to his associates by cartels who control the business the residents complain of. It is said another ministry moved to resolve the matter only for the CS to protest to Cabinet office and other government offices trying to lobby that the status quo remains but none would take his lies. The residents of Kitengela are now very happy that for once, the problem that has persisted for ages has been solved.

Some of the MPs have become too cheap to the extent of lowering the stature of the offices they hold and even their own reputation. Reason? Corridors has learnt of one MP from Luo Nyanza who was only paid as little as Sh50,000 by another politician from Rift Valley to talk ill of a senior government official. Left with an egg on his face, the first-term MP is said to be traumatised after he realised that he was misused to spread propaganda about an innocent government official just because of the local politics in the county the government official comes from. The legislator is now said to have been camping in the office of the office trying to apologise and expose the person who "bought him".

Our little bird tells us that there is a concerted effort to generate a series of fake scandals in order to counter the dams scandal currently under investigation. Those who’ve found themselves at the centre of the dams scandal have sworn to create counter-attacks in every major institution where persons deemed to be close to the first family are involved. The criteria of the planned attacks are based on how media shy and naive the CEOs involved are. One such CEO is at the helm of a parastatal under the energy docket. Insiders say that the official is totally clueless about how media-instigated corporate warfare works and therefore, a perfect target for the anti-first family onslaught in the current war against corruption.