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President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta
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A Cabinet secretary from Central Kenya, who has lately been perceived to be developing a financial war chest as he eyes a governor seat in 2022, is already campaigning. Fearing that hosting meetings at his native rural home could attract a backlash from his presumed competitors, the hopeful has decided to hold his meetings at a brother's residence in the posh Karen suburb. The CS is said to have formed a campaign secretariat, which is running most of his errands, including offering hearse services to county residents. Working behind the scenes in order not be seen to be defying President Uhuru Kenyatta's warning against early campaigns, the CS has engaged university graduates to run his networks. It is only a matter of time before the CS's manoeuvres are exposed.

A State House mandarin could soon find himself in trouble with politicians after he allegedly blocked a Coast governor from having a private meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta recently. Corridors is informed that the governor had booked an appointment, but the operative blocked him, saying the President had to see other guests urgently. The drama unfolded at the Sagana State Lodge on the day the President held a summit with all governors. Surprised, the governor is said to have left in a huff, grumbling and threatening that he would call the President and inform him of his aide's arrogance. It is not clear if the flashy governor reported him.

A vocal MP from Trans Nzoia county is the talk of the town. He has earned himself the title of 'the king of domestic violence'. It is said the wayward lawmaker beats his wife whenever she questions his amorous ways and insatiable appetite for women. The MP has become so violent and abusive that the wife has threatened to seek a divorce. Those close to the man say he recently assaulted the wife while drunk. The next day, she packed and was ready to leave. But the MP pleaded with a prominent church leader from the county to persuade her to stay and save her marriage.

A member of a powerful parliamentary committee, who has been a loud voice in the war on graft, has all of a sudden gone mute. Reason? The MP has found a new dalliance with some of the parastatal chiefs his committee has been grilling. The lawmaker is said to have increased his journeys to a powerful state parastatal located in Nairobi's Industrial Area. His mission is unclear, but his colleagues have come out complaining that he has changed is now protecting some cartels.