Ruto-Gideon Rift competition, Church public land puzzle, Uhuru desperate to save Jubilee: Your Breakfast Briefing:

The stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

In Summary

• The stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

Good morning,

Following the burial of former President Daniel Moi, political intrigues will begin in earnest. What came before will seem like child's play.

Some are touting a battle royal between Deputy President William Ruto and Gideon, Moi's last born son and Baringo senator.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Gideon has already won. 


Here are the stories making headlines in the Star today.

City Primary, church feud over land: The untouchable Lucy

Once an exclusive Asian institution and one of the oldest schools in the country, City Primary School today is dreary and run down. And it risks losing part of its vast land.

Investigations by the Star can now reveal a deadlock between City Primary and a little known but powerful church that has occupied the school playground for four years after an MoU expired

How did rights hero Mwatha die? Botched abortion or extra-judicial killing?

It has been a year since rights activist Caroline Mwatha died — critics say she was killed for naming names — and questions linger over her death.

Meanwhile, suspects linked to her killing from a botched abortion battle charges in court. They're out on bail.

A celebration of Mwatha's life will be held on Saturday at her former workplace at the Dandora Justice Centre. 

How Gideon plans to take on DP Ruto

Gideon Moi who was handed political leadership of the Moi family is planning to hit the road running with a series of events aimed at popularising his Kanu party.

The Baringo senator, according to party officials, will call a Kanu Executive Committee meeting next month where a raft of proposals aimed at reviving the independence party will be discussed.

Uhuru's desperate bid to reconcile Jubilee

After almost two years of infighting, President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to put  the Jubilee Party house in order ahead of the 2022  General Election.

But this will come at a price.  The President, who is the party leader, will have to contend with the deep-rooted suspicions and divisions that have spread not only within the party but also throughout the entire Jubilee government.

Six months after war on betting, more pain than gain

The Kenya government, using moralist arguments, has imposed very tough restrictions on sports betting. But it seems the decision was not based on facts in a world where technology has entrenched betting in consumer culture.

 For example, TV adverts on sports betting have been severely restricted in Kenya since mid-2019, but viewers continue to be bombarded with betting advertisements from outside the country.