Kenya’s rape debate, Kieleweke explained, Courts wrestling Constitution: Your Breakfast Briefing

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• The stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

Kenyans protest against defilement.
Kenyans protest against defilement.
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Almost half of Kenyan women have suffered physical or sexual violence, including forced sexual initiation, rights groups say.

the Kenya National Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Watch say much of the violence is barely acknowledged, let alone investigated and prosecuted.

In some cases, rape ends up in death and most victims are poor women.

Police estimate that rape is the most under-reported crime in Kenya.

It can happen to anyone, rich or poor, adult or child.

Here are the other stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

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Kieleweke isn't opposing Ruto presidency but defending Uhuru's legacy — Ngunjiri Wambugu

Sometimes he wonders to himself what he is doing, but this part of Nyeri Town is MP Ngunjiri Wambugu’s self-discovery journey.

Ngunjiri describes himself as a reader and a fundamental Anglican. His father and grandfather, whom he is named, were long-serving ACK clerics.

The political science graduate from the University of Nairobi came to the limelight through what has now become Team Kieleweke. 

Duale breaks ranks with Ruto over looming referendum

Vocal National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale has for the first time publicly broken ranks with Deputy President William Ruto as a referendum wave sweeps across the country.

Duale now becomes the highest-ranking official in the Jubilee administration to openly endorse a public vote to alter the country’s system of government.

The Garissa Township MP on Friday maintained he will support a referendum to introduce a parliamentary system of government to end what he described as “post-presidential election chaos”

Why Punguza Mizigo is populist, misrepresents cost of governance

The campaign dubbed “Punguza Mizigo” seeks to amend the Constitution of Kenya through the popular initiative.

The rallying call of the campaign is fiscal discipline in the management of public resources.

We look at the opportunities and risks that the campaign poses to the social, political and economic development of the country.  

Courts are trying to wrestle with the Constitution and its impact on the law

Sometimes in Katiba Corner, we try to demystify the workings of the courts as they deal with constitutional cases.

This recent headline may have mystified readers: “It's not illegal to share obscene information online, judge rules”.

Justice Wilfrida Okwany's judgment is not yet available online, but the newspaper reports seem to make it fairly clear what her reasoning was.

House prices, building approvals decline in Q2- report

The cost of homes in Nairobi has declined over the past two quarters signalling poor purchasing power among Kenyans.

Kenya Bankers Association’s House Price Index shows there was a quarter-on-quarter reduction of 1.72 per cent on homes, compared to a 2.78 per cent growth reported in the first quarter of 2019.

“This reflects early signs of an emerging trend where negative prices have been recorded in two consecutive quarters,” the index stated.