Prisoners mint millions, Raila running government, Is Punguza Mizigo constitutional?: Your Breakfast Briefing

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• The stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

ODM leader Raila Odinga
ODM leader Raila Odinga

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Deputy President William Ruto's allies now claim it is former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who is "calling the shots in government" as the graft purge in Jubilee continues.

Alleging a growing mistrust between Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta, a section of the DP's troops are opposed to the elevation of Ukuru Yatani as acting National Treasury CS, claiming he is politically partisan.

The DP has maintained his relationship with Uhuru remains intact but his associates, say the bond had been shattered and their public camaraderie was fake.

Here are the other stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

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Is Thirdway Alliance’s proposal to change the law constitutional?

So the IEBC is satisfied that the Thirdway Alliance’s Punguza Mzigo proposals have 1.2 million valid signatures.

Now Jubilee and Nasa are as taken by surprise as the rest of us by this news. They, of course, have their own, largely self-interested, plans for constitutional change.

County assemblies have 30 days to decide whether to approve the draft Bill to change the Constitution. If 24 counties or more do approve it, then it goes to Parliament.

Coast MPs deserve praise over the disputed national shipping law

It is rare to praise the performances of Coast MPs given the divisive nature of politics and party affiliations in the region.

However, recent developments have shown that together in the National Assembly, they can make a huge difference: Indeed, they would have something to crow about.


Lessons for Kenya from Japanese culture of respect, honesty

Normally, when you greet a Japanese, they will bow, or ojigi. This is because the Japanese culture places heavy emphasis on respect, and bowing is one of the primary ways they show respect to other people.

Theirs is about respect for each other, respect for work and respect for time. Children are taught to behave respectfully in the presence of adults, and this transitions even into adulthood, which among others has contributed to a society that is respectful and honest.

How inmates con you from prison

Behind heavily fortified prison's gates, about 57,000 men are confined in a world that for most is grey and violent.

It's a  grim life. No family or friends, no privacy, no free will, filthy dorms crowded with dozens of men sleeping without mattresses, no proper toilets, living under the suspicious gaze of menacing guards. 

But not for everyone.

CS Mucheru announces new board, settling another leadership wrangle

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has said the newly appointed four members to the board of the Communications Authority of Kenya will be tasked to increase e-commerce, foreign advertisements, tackle issues around mobile taxations.

The announcement settles another wrangle existing with appointment, following perennial leadership disputes.