After legal and career woes, Mahindi helps the helpless

He has no regrets and is even grateful to God because 'what was meant to dim my light actually worked in my favour'

In Summary

• The former Kameme journalist has endured trials and tribulations since he was sacked and later accused of being a spy

• Nevertheless, he has built a vast network of friends and is planning to run for MCA

Michael Mahindi
Michael Mahindi

Between 2006 and 2010, Michael Mahindi was a regular journalist working at Kameme FM. Mahindi is now rebuilding his life after a court ordeal in which he was falsely accused of being a spy.

He is grateful to those who enjoyed his news reading and forgives those who engineered his sacking. His problems at the company began when people began to claim that he was a relative of Rose Kimotho, former owner of Kameme FM.

“But I have no regrets whatsoever and I’m even grateful to God because what was meant to dim my light actually worked in my favour. I have forgiven all who have wronged me and I’m moving forward with great lessons,” he says. 


Given a chance, Mahindi says he would only go back to radio to train upcoming newscasters and not to be behind the microphone.

He now has his eyes fixed on politics. He intends to run for MCA at Karura-Huruma and Thogoro ward.

“Having being born and bred in Huruma, I believe no one understands the needs of my community as much as I do,” he says.

Mahindi, the eighth born in a family of nine, schooled at Cheleta Primary School in Runda. His father died in 2001 and his mother lives at their home in Kinangop. When his father died, the late Anders Karlsson took care of his needs.

Mahindi has a diploma in journalism and intends to further his education at a later stage. He has mobilised friends in Runda to paint his former school, and he has also taken sanitary towels to the community within the two villages.

“I believe I stand a chance come 2022, and for those who know me well, know that I don’t hesitate when it comes to helping others. There’s nothing as good as being in a position to help those who can’t help themselves,” he says.

In the event he loses, Mahindi says he will still help because his support is not pegged on what he does for others.


Asked about the wealth he has acquired, Mahindi says it is God-given. He maintains that his exposure at the time he was active in journalism has gone a long way. He took advantage of the connections he made and invested heavily in his networks.

“I have built my networks from 2006. I have worked for it and God has been gracious enough. So don’t just see Njoroge or Mahindi driving a top-of-the-range car and begin to speculate or fabricate stories. I have a history. I have toiled for where I am in life,” he said.

Edited by Tom Jalio