Juja residents appeal for help for learners affected by floods

Their children lost the uniform, books they need to resume studies

In Summary

• Nyumba Kumi elder Joseph Wawer says school materials were washed away by floods

• Zetech University led various groups in donating items to help them back on their feet

Zetech University, Crime Si Poa – Youth Safety Awareness Initiative and Oshwal Mahila Mandal officials giving out donationas to Witeithie residents in Juja.
Zetech University, Crime Si Poa – Youth Safety Awareness Initiative and Oshwal Mahila Mandal officials giving out donationas to Witeithie residents in Juja.

Learners affected by recent floods in parts of Kiambu county are yet to report to school for lack of basic school items.

The students from various schools in Witeithie, Juja subcounty, do not have books, uniforms and other essentials.

Nyumba Kumi elder Joseph Waweru said these items were washed away by the floods.

“Most of them hail from poor backgrounds and cannot raise the money required to buy the items," he said.

"They are still at home while other learners are continuing with their studies, and they are in dire need of help.”  

He spoke when flood victims received donations, including food rations and beddings, at Zetech University, Mang’u campus.

The donors were Zetech University, Crime Si Poa-Youth Safety Awareness Initiative and Oshwal Mahila Mandal.

Waweru said if the government and other well-wishers fail to intervene, it will be difficult for most learners to report back to school.

“We fear that their academic performance will be significantly affected because of missing classes,” he said.

Witeithie floods victims, led by Mary Kamande, appealed to the government to ensure their children go back to school as their uniforms and books were also swept away by the floods.

"Our children have been forced to stay at home because we really cannot afford to facilitate their return to school,” Kamande said.

"We have knocked many doors seeking help unsuccessfully. We are pleading with the government to intervene and save the situation."

Zetech University corporate affairs director John Mwai said the varsity is keen to serve the community, particularly during moments of acute need.

"Through this initiative, we aim to extend a helping hand to those grappling with the devastating consequences of the disaster," he said.

He said most beneficiaries came from Juja, Weithethie and the lower parts, where residents do quarrying, who were mostly affected by the floods.

The university gave umbrella sheds to affected small traders.

Mwai said they are looking for more partners to offer sponsorships to children from the affected families.

He said the umbrellas will help the traders from extreme weather conditions and give them a head start.

Oshwal Mahila Mandal chairwoman Bharti Raja said collective action is key in addressing humanitarian challenges.

"As advocates for women's empowerment and community development, we are honoured to collaborate with Zetech University and Crime Si Poa in providing relief to flood-affected communities,"she said.

"Together, we stand united in our commitment to building a more resilient and compassionate society."

More than 150 families benefited from the aid, which included blankets, foodstuffs, umbrellas and other essentials, providing them with much-needed relief in the face of adversity. 

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