It's a scheduling issue, Sakaja on missing Senate summons

He said he missed only two or three sessions out of the 14 summons served.

In Summary
  • Last week, Sakaja was fined Sh1 million for skipping Senate summons.
  • The fine was imposed by the Energy Committee chaired by Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga.
Nairobi Govenror Johnson Sakaja
Nairobi Govenror Johnson Sakaja
Image: NCCG

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has defended his failure to honour Senate summonses saying it has been sensationalised.

Speaking on Tuesday, the governor said he has appeared before the Senate more than his predecessors.

"The Senate was aware of my trip last week, it is a normal trip. The Professionals Association knows where City Hall is and I'm always available to meet them," he said on Citizen TV.

"I think it is a matter of scheduling, I have gone to the Senate more than 11 times and more than any governor in the last year."

Sakaja said he has missed only two or three sessions out of the 14 summons served.

"All communication is official, is just that they sensationalise a meeting that is missed."

Last week, the governor was fined Sh1 million for skipping the Senate summons.

The Senate committee had summoned Sakaja to shed light on the progress of regeneration projects across city estates.

The Energy Committee chaired by Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga had a week earlier fined the city boss an extra Sh500,000 for snubbing its summon.

"Sensationalising a rescheduling and making the Senate appear as if it acts in vain is what belittles the House," Sakaja posted on his X account.

“Many appearances by other invitees have been rescheduled due to travel, infirmity or prior booked official engagements."

The governor said he has no intention not to respond to queries raised including matters flagged by the Auditor General in the 2020-22 audit report.

“I have no reasons not to answer to (or) respond to any questions raised on FY 20-22 audits,’’ he said.

Sakaja said he wondered why the committee was able to understand and report that he had rescheduled his previous planned appearance and yet they are now blaming him.

"It is the same members who announced that I was out of the country on Monday who are now up in arms that I'm away. I have appeared severally and will continue to do so," he added.

Nairobi UDA members of the County Assembly came out to defend him on the allegations of skipping Senate summons.

Minority Whip Mark Mugambi defended the governor saying Sakaja has been attending summons.

"We have seen a political onslaught hoodwinked as oversight on Nairobi County," he said.

"The governor and his executive have been attending both senate and county assemblies. This financial year alone, the governor has been to the Senate more than 11 times and we are sure he will go there to respond," Mugambi explained.

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