Ban pregnant teens from resuming studies – Lusaka

He said a law barring their resumption would help the rest be “careful and responsible”.

In Summary

• Lusaka said allowing pregnant teens back in school fuels the trend

He cited a school in Mt Elgon, where 54 girls tested positive for pregnancy

Governor Kenneth Lusaka.
Governor Kenneth Lusaka.

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has called for pregnant teens to be barred from continuing with their studies to tame the crisis in the county.

Speaking to journalists at his home on Saturday, he said a law barring their resumption would help the rest be “careful and responsible”.

“Nowadays girls are getting pregnant and allowed to go back to school, where many are seeing it as a non-issue,” he said.

The governor said in the past, such things were not there.

“We can say that once pregnant schools girls are not allowed in school and that will be the end of her education, that will act as a deterrent for those who may be tempted to get pregnant,” he said.

Lusaka cited St Aquinas Chesikaki Secondary School in Mt Elgon, where 54 girls tested positive for pregnancy.

Regarding men who impregnate schoolgirls, the governor said they should face the rough side of the law, adding that there are already laws guiding the same.

He blamed the high poverty index in the region on the high numbers of teenage pregnancies.

He said in Mt Elgon, there are many incest cases because they share small houses.

The governor said he found the information from St Aquinas disturbing.

“We hosted forums where the girls broke down and shared their stories,” he said.

“Out of what they shared, I noted that poverty and lack of sanitary pads are some of the causes of teen pregnancy.”

Lusaka said that after information went out that Bungoma is leading in teenage pregnancies, organisations came on board to help address the issue.

They are helping the county to distribute sanitary pads to the girls in different wards.

He said he has scheduled a stakeholders meeting on Wednesday to discuss the way forward in terms of education and teenage pregnancy.

“We have organised a forum that will involve MPs, MCAs, education stakeholders and CSOs to discuss the problems affecting the education sector and find the way forward,” Lusaka said.

The organisations working in Bungoma to address teenage pregnancy cases include UN Women and former Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Barasa’s foundation.

Others include Forum for African Women Educationalists, Maendeleo ya Wanawake, RMNCAH Network.

The county chief said he is committed to addressing teenage pregnancy issues, affirming that it is the reason why he has called for the forum to give their views and find the long-lasting solution.

He said by June, Bungoma should realise a great transformation.

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