Teen beaten with burning wire, forced to eat his vomit after male cut

Joseph Mbugua, a clinical officer at Naivasha hospital, has described the boy’s condition as serious but stable.

In Summary

• The burned and bloodied youth was hospitalised and underwent surgery after he fled and his mother heard his cries.

• He told the police he know the two older attackers and police are hunting for them.

Crime scene.
CRIME: Crime scene.
Image: The Star

A newly circumcised 15-year-old has been admitted to a hospital after three days of sadistic torture by two fellow teens.

The relentless duo lashed the teenager and forced him to eat his own vomit, all in the name of initiation into adulthood.

The victim, whose body, especially his legs, were spattered with blood, was rushed to Naivasha hospital after his mother, who lived nearby, stumbled onto her son.

Furious members of the public, including Naivasha MP Jane Kihara, called for the arrest of the two sadists responsible for his torment and humiliation.

In circumcision, a group of boys is kept together as they heal and are taught cultural values.

The minor told how, for three days, the two suspects who are known to him, beat him to a pulp, saying they were toughening him up for life as an adult.

He was forced to swallow his vomit while the two bullies struck him with a hot wire and at times punched him until he fainted.

“I could no longer take the pain and I rushed out screaming, and when my mother saw me, she called the police who came to my rescue,” he said.

The boy who sat for his KCPE exam this year narrated his ordeal adding, that the perpetrators were older youths he knew well.

MP Kihara condemned the hazing culture as inhumane and said the parents of the teenagers should be questioned by the police.

“This is one of the most evil incidents I have seen and it’s time parents also came out to protect their boys from criminals as in with this case,” she said.

She told parents to send their young sons to church or to the Kikuyu Council of Elders to organise an initiation ceremony.

“We are losing our culture by allowing outsiders to mentor our newly circumcised boys and it’s time we took charge,” the lawmaker said.

Joseph Mbugua, a clinical officer at the hospital, described the boy’s condition as serious but stable. The many wounds were infected.

A medical team was preparing to wheel the boy to the theatre to treat to the deep and festering wounds.

“His blood levels are very low due to massive bleeding and we plan a blood transfusion as part of the treatment as we stabilise his condition,” he said.

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