Ethiopia's Assefa Tigst smashes world record in Berlin Marathon

Assefa broke Kenya's Brigid Kosgei record of 2:14:04.

In Summary
  • Assefa broke Kenya's Brigid Kosgei record of 2:14:04 she achieved on October 13m 2019 at the Chicago Marathon.
Assefa Tigst
Assefa Tigst

Ethiopia's marathoner Assefa Tigst has smashed the world record after winning the women's race in the Berlin Marathon at 2:11:52.

Assefa broke Kenya's Brigid Kosgei record of 2:14:04 which she achieved on October 13, 2019, at the Chicago Marathon.

"I didn't expect to run this fast that is to say to break 2:12, but it is the result of hard work. As for being now a favourite for the Olympic Marathon next year, it is up to the National Committee to select me for the team," Assefa said after the race.

Kenya's Sheila Chepkirui came in second.

Here are the full results:

1. Tigst Assefa Ethiopia 2:11:53

2. Sheila Chepkirui Kenya 2:17:49

3. Magdalena Shauri Tanzania 2:18:41

4. Zeineba Yimer Ethiopia 2:19:07

5. Senbere Teferi Ethiopia 2:19:21

6. Dera Dida Ethiopia 2:19:24

7. Workenesh Edesa Ethiopia2:19:40

8. Helen Bekele Ethiopia 2:19:44

9. Charlotte Purdue Great Britain 2:22:17

10. Fikrte Wereta Ethiopia 2:23:01

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