Court acquits suspects in Sh9.5bn Anglo leasing case

Trial Magistrate said the prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case against all the accused persons.

In Summary
  • In the case, the Kamani family alongside the late David Mworaria, former PS Dave Mwangi were charged with committing an economic crime.
Magistrate's gavel
IMPUGNED RULING: Magistrate's gavel
Image: FILE

An anti-corruption court has acquitted all the accused persons implicated in the Sh9.5 billion Anglo leasing case.

Trial Magistrate Martha Mutuku said the prosecution has failed to prove a prima facie case against all the accused persons.

"They have all been acquitted under section 210 of the criminal procedure code. They have no case to answer. They have been set free," said the Magistrate.

In the case, David Mwiraria, Joseph Magari, former PS Dave Mwangi, David Onyonka, Rashmi Kamani, Deepak Kamani and Inforalent Limited were charged with conspiracy to defraud the government Sh9.5 billion.

According to the charge sheet, the accused persons between July 2003 and June 2004 allegedly conspired with others not before the court to defraud the government of six million euros (Sh9.5 billion).

It is alleged that they conspired to defraud the government through a suppliers financing agreement for the computerization of security, law and order systems and procedures for the Kenya Police project code-named 'E-cops'

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