I was with Maribe on night Monica was killed, Sonko confirms

The former governor, however, said that he does not know Jowie Irungu.

In Summary

• Sonko said he is not the kind of person to turn on his friends whenever they are in trouble.

• He added that he is willing to testify in court on the same, if called upon.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.
Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.
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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has said that he was with former Citizen TV news anchor Jackie Maribe on the night businesswoman Monica Kimani was murdered.

In a statement, Sonko said he is not the kind of person to turn against his friends whenever they are in trouble.

He added that he is willing to testify in court on the same if called upon.

Sonko who at the time had appeared on the #JKLive show said he decided to take some friends for drinks including Maribe, at a popular city club, where they partied until around 4 am when he left.

The former governor noted that after the death of Monica Kimani came up, he asked for a copy of that night's CCTV footage, in case it would be needed for the case.

"On this matter, if I'm summoned by the court, I’ll tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Na kwa mukhtasari tu (in summary) I'm not the type of friend who disowns his friends at times of trouble. It's true that l was with Jacque Maribe at Citizen TV when I was being interviewed on the JKL show on the 19th of September, 2018, from about 9:45 pm. I was accompanied by Chela Ruto, Hon. Juju, Hon. Nancy, Hon. Anita and other male friends by then Odhis, Show, Swaleh, Pinye, among others," Sonko tweeted.

"After the show, I volunteered to take all those who were with me for kamvinyo and nyama choma which belonged to my friend... Tulipiga sherehe kwanza mimi nilikuwa na piga Hennesiree Vsop na majiree na (We partied and I was taking Hennessy Vsop and water) around 4 am I left for home. Since hii Mushene was there from the day Jacque was arrested, I managed to download the CCTV ya the club. Iko."

On Joseph 'Jowie' Irungu, Sonko said he does not know him.

"However, I do not know Jowie Irungu... Let the law take its course. That's is all I wish to state," he said.

On Thursday, Maribe who took to the stand told the court that she had no motive to want her dead.

Maribe told trial Judge Grace Nzioka that she did not know Monica.

She explained that she only got to know her on the day she read the news item regarding her death.

She took the court through her movements on the day the offense is alleged to have occurred.

She said on September 19, 2018, she left her residence at Royal Park for work. Her then fiancé Jowie drove her to RMS at around 8 am.

The court heard that she was at RMS the whole day up until 9.30 pm.

Maribe said as she was leaving, she met former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's entourage who was scheduled to attend an interview with Jeff Koinange.

At 10 pm, Maribe left for Q Lounge, a restaurant right opposite Citizen TV. She watched the interview on her phone until it run out of charge.

At around 11.30 pm, she said her colleague Monica Kiragu came to Q lounge and informed her that Jowie was looking for her.

"Since my phone was off he looked for me using Monica's number," she said.

Maribe said she later called Jowie and informed him that she was going to club 4040 with one Anita Thumbi and Sonko's entourage.

Maribe gave an unworn statement meaning she was not subjected to cross-examination by the prosecution.

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