Boundaries review in limbo as MPs withhold cash for projects

Development projects worth Sh121.7 billion have been affected as well as recurrent expenses.

In Summary

•Parliament, Auditor General's office are among the agencies affected by the budgetary delays.

•Road projects to the tune of Sh27 billion have also been affected by funding delays.

President William Ruto assents to the Supplementary Appropriation Bill at State House, Nairobi, on Monday, March 20, 2023.
CRITICAL PROGRAMMES: President William Ruto assents to the Supplementary Appropriation Bill at State House, Nairobi, on Monday, March 20, 2023.
Image: PCS

Crucial state programmes and projects are in limbo after MPs cut funding for activities and development ventures worth Sh211 billion.

Development projects worth Sh121.7 billion have been affected as well as recurrent expenses to the tune of Sh81.3 billion.

A scheduled review of electoral boundaries by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is among the affected activities with the pending provision of Sh7 billion. Sh1 billion new headquarters christened the Uchaguzi Centre is also poised to delay.

The electoral agency was to conduct the boundaries review ahead of the August 2022 election but failed for, among other reasons, lack of cash.

Much as the Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro-led committee has approved the ceilings, the ventures would only be funded once cash is available.

A supplementary estimate is likely to be drawn to cater to some of the interventions on a need basis.

The Office of the President has not been provided Sh4 billion it sought for enhanced operations and maintenance.

MPs have also approved Sh3 billion for the Judiciary to cover various unfunded areas as per the presidential directive.

Also queued is Sh2 billion for the construction of Huduma centres and Sh746 million for upgrading and maintaining ICT infrastructure systems.

The lawmakers have also paused Sh1 billion, which was to cater to the post-retirement medical schemes for civil servants.

MPs have also been hit with the delayed provision of Sh8.3 billion to cater to an increased number of committees, and underfunding of various activities by the Public Service Commission and Senate.

The Office of the Auditor General would also have to wait longer for Sh2.4 billion for additional audit scope and other critical areas of operations.

The same would be the case of Immigration department where MPs have held back Sh350 million for the purchase of new printers and for unique personal identifier.

Kenya Kwanza’s plan to recruit police officers has also been affected after MPs failed to fund Sh5.2 billion for the same.

Also affected by the funding pause was an allocation of Sh2 billion for modernisation and Sh1 billion for the operation of the police hospital along Raila Odinga Way.

MPs have also delayed the allocation of Sh3 billion to the maritime sector, including Sh821 million for Lapsset pending bills and Sh232 million for the completion of ongoing Kenya Ports Authority capital projects.

Also yet to be funded is Sh1.4 billion for police vehicle leasing and Sh700 million for operations of 369 sub-counties, Sh625 for multiagency operations and Sh1.5 billion for security operations.

Road projects to the tune of Sh27 billion have also been affected by funding delays.

KDF was equally not provided Sh11.2 billion for critical gaps, including recruitment, maintenance of equipment and border securitisation.

Teachers angling for promotions would also have to wait longer after the delayed provision of Sh2 billion to the Teachers Service Commission for the task.

Also affected are power projects worth Sh5 billion, being Sh1 billion for last mile connectivity, Sh500 million for KPLC bailout and Sh2 billion for transformers in constituencies.

Parliament has also not funded Sh425 million for Ketraco South Nyanza projects and Sh4 billion for Halal meat products pending bill at the Livestock department.

A number of water and irrigation projects are also in limbo with no provision of Sh1.5 billion for the rehabilitation of strategic water facilities and Sh3 billion for expanded irrigation.

The Budget committee has also paused Sh1.6 billion, being Sh900 million for Soin-Koru dam and Sh700 million for Siyoi-Muruny water projects.

This is besides Sh15 billion for various water agencies and authorities and Sh1.7 billion for Shipping and Maritime Affairs.

Of the maritime cash, Sh1 billion was for constructing and equipping advanced firefighting and survival training certification centre.

Kisumu residents will also have to wait longer for the completion of the modern shipyard, as well as for the Kabonyo Fisheries and Aquaculture project.

The projects’ Sh1.5 billion allocation has been paused, alongside Sh750 million for five modern landing sites and Sh1 billion for training fishers in the deep sea and Sh1 billion for Lamu fish port.

Sh1.2 billion for ICTA to make operational e-citizen was also not funded, and so is Sh1.8 billion for forestation.

The condom shortage in the country is also likely to continue with the delayed provision of Sh1.9 billion for procurement of family planning and reproductive health commodities.

MPs have also approved but delayed Sh749 million for procurement of anti-TB drugs, Sh1.5 billion to Kenya Medical Training College campuses as well as Sh4.9 billion in respect disbursements to various referral hospitals.

Also delayed is Sh1 billion to Kemri for Kirinyaga and Eldoret laboratories, and Sh389 million for the purchase of prisoners' bedding and linen.

The Attorney General’s office has also not been given Sh837 million for automation, regional offices and to implement national coroner service.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is yet to get Sh590 million for asset recovery, public education, and staff recruitment.

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties has not been given Sh229 million for the establishment of regional offices, public education, and seven county offices.

Also not provided is Sh2.9 billion for projects to intervene in drought including Shh1 billion for relief programmes in the arid and semi-arid lands. 

At least Sh1.9 billion to National Youth Service is also not funded as well as Sh1 billion for sports, affecting county sports registrar offices, and anti-doping efforts.

Sh1 billion to Kenya Co-operative Creameries for modernisation and milk mop up was not funded too and so was Sh1.3 billion for Rivatex revamp.

Key infrastructures at Export Procession Zones have also been affected by the funding shortage apart from the Sh7 billion for railway projects.

Funding for Sh1 billion for phase one of the railways city development has also delayed owing to this year’s budget deficit.

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