EACC seeks orders to recover school land in Nakuru

It has sued four individuals for allegedly grabbing it from Muslim Primary School.

In Summary
  • In the recovery suit filed on Friday before the Nakuru Environment and Land Court, EACC has sued four persons. 
  • The charges include breach of public trust in facilitating the fraudulent acquisition of a public school, by the allegedly responsible former land commissioner. 
EACC offices at Integrity Centre.
CORRUPTION: EACC offices at Integrity Centre.
Image: FILE

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has sought orders to recover public school land worth Sh5 million grabbed from Muslim Primary School at Section 58 in Nakuru County.

EACC has sued four individuals in the suit filed on Friday before Nakuru Environment and Land Court.

The anti-graft body filed the suit following investigations after a complaint was received through its South Rift Regional Office in Nakuru.

The charges include alleged breach of public trust in facilitating the fraudulent acquisition of a public school by the former land commissioner, the 4th defendant.


EACC noted that the land being public property is not available for alienation in any manner whatsoever by the former commissioner or any other person.

Papers filed in court indicate that the 1st defendant's subsequent transfer of ownership of the land to the 2nd and 3rd defendants was fraudulent and illegal.

EACC has sought orders including a declaration that the allocation and transfer of the parcel of land to the 1st defendant and subsequent transactions involving 2nd and 3rd defendants as null and void.

The Commission said the individuals were ab initio (from the start) incapable of conferring any ownership rights of the public land to any of them.

Further, EACC requested that the Court directs the Nakuru Land Registrar to cancel all entries relating to the defendants’ purported ownership of the school land, and register it in favour of Muslim Primary School.

EACC also sought a permanent injunction to restrain the defendants by themselves or their representatives from dealing in any manner, with the parcel of land except by way of surrendering it back to the government.

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