We regret journalist Arshad Sharif's shooting, Police Service say

Spokesman Bruno Shioso says competent authorities are investigating the incident.

In Summary

• Arshad Sharif was shot on Sunday night by police officers manning a random roadblock in Kajiado county.

• The officers were on the lookout for a stolen vehicle 

Journalist Arshad Sharif
Journalist Arshad Sharif

The National Police Service has regretted the inadvertent shooting of senior Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif. 

In a statement on Monday, spokesperson Bruno Shioso said police are investigating the incident for appropriate action.

"National Police Service regrets this unfortunate incident. Competent authorities are currently investigating the incident for appropriate action," Shioso said.

The incident has attracted international media attention.


A police report from the Magadi Police station said Sharif's shooting was a case of mistaken identity as GSU officers tracked a stolen car on Kuenia farm/Kamukuru marram road in Kajiado county.

The officers flagged down the vehicle Sharif and his brother Khurram Ahmed were travelling in but Ahmed, the driver, defied orders and drove on. 

"It was then they heard gunshots towards their vehicle directed from the front and rear. They did not stop and proceeded with the journey."

The police report stated that Sharif died from a gunshot at the back of his head which exited in the front after the vehicle came under a hail of bullets from the officers. 

"Upon scrutiny of the said motor vehicle, it had a bullet hole on the left side of the windscreen on the side the deceased was sitting, two bullet holes on the rear left back screen, one bullet hole on the rear right door, four holes right side of the boot and one front right tyre that had been depleted."

Shioso sent a message of condolence to the family of the deceased following the incident.

"The acting Inspector General on behalf of the Service condoles with the family and friends of the deceased," he said.

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