Thieves poison dog, steal cash and jewellery from Muthaiga homes

They fatally poisoned one of the dogs, tied up guards, held family hostage

In Summary
  • The guards found tied in a room by a gardener who was reporting for duties 
  • Police say they have enhanced patrols in the area to address such breaki-ns. 
Crime scene.
CRIME SCENE: Crime scene.

Robbers poisoned a dog, tied up guards and held a family hostage at two residences in Muthaiga, Nairobi, then broke in and stole electronics, jewellery and cash.

Police were investigating burglaries at the compounds of Ken Odede and Haren Patel on Sunday, Boxing Day.

The gang of about three men was armed with crude weapons and a pistol. 

They first cut a kayapple fence and electric fence at Odede's residence. poisoned a dog and tied up guards from a private security group.

They stayed in the compound for a while. 

The owner of the compound and his family were away at the time, police and the victims said.

A gardener reporting to work found the guards tied up in one of the rooms and called the police.

Police said the gang proceeded to Patel's home at about 5am when they held the family hostage, robbing them of Sh150,000, jewellery and watches valued at Sh1.7 million.

The gang ordered two members of the family to drive them out of the compound up to Thika Road where they alighted.

They told the driver to drive back up as they walked away.

Starehe police boss Julius Kiragu said the gang seems to have had inside information and the hunt on them is ongoing.

“Other than killing the dog through poisoning, no one was injured. We will get them, he said.

He said they increased patrols in the area to reduce the number of robberies.

Cases of robbery and burglary are becoming common in the area and are mainly inside jobs. The area is one of the most guarded places in the city.

Police advise homeowners to always vet their employees to avoid such incidents.

Authorities also advise against keeping large amounts of money and valuable jewellery at home.

(Edited by V. Graham)

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