JEREMIAH KIONI: Postponing NDC heightens anxiety in Jubilee

But we will be asking our members to bear with us and be patient.

In Summary

•The National Delegates Conference cannot happen without the President.

•Followers cannot just decamp because of a delayed meeting.

Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni
OPINION: Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni
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Without a doubt, there is anxiety among members of the Jubilee Party ahead of the planned National Delegates Convention.

They expect that a clear direction be given by the party as soon as possible.

The postponement of the meeting, of course, increases that anxiety. Those who want to run through the Jubilee Party also become anxious about how to go about their campaigns.

It is, however, important to note that, unlike other parties, the Jubilee leader is also the President of the Republic of Kenya. For that reason, our calendar is dictated by the events that the President has.

The National Delegates Convention cannot happen without him. We will be asking our members to bear with us and be patient. We know what to do, without a doubt, and we understand the kind of time we have and we also know where we want to go. We want to go there with clarity of mind and singleness of purpose.

Further to this, a responsible President will always put the issues of the state first and then the party. Issues affecting Kenyans come first before we go to the smaller groupings.

As members of Jubilee and as the people who support the leadership of the country, it puts you off balance. It is even possible to have prepared for the NDC in the afternoon and the President gets an engagement in the morning.

It is also important to note that there are many issues that are meant to be dealt with before the meeting. When we talk of rebranding, we need to prepare adequately, and the same have aspects that related to the general planning of the meeting.

The delay would in no way affect Jubilee’s stakes in the regions where it commands following. Followers want leadership and want to know what to do.

For as long as they remain focused, those who believe in the leadership of Jubilee cannot just decamp because of the delays. We are talking about serious issues, including forming the next government, which they cannot simply abandon because of a delayed NDC.

We know what to do.

The Ndaragwa MP spoke to the Star