Power bills embarrass handout-dishing presidential aspirant

Politician declines to allow Kenya Power officials to his high-end home in the city

In Summary
  • Nyanza MPs are unhappy with a colleague who has made himself boss on party leader affairs.
  • Kisii youth complain they were given a raw deal after singing praises for political bigwig.
Kenya Power.
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A prominent presidential aspirant was embarrassed and made the laughing stock of his neighbours after he failed to settle his power bills for months. The man who lives in a high-end city neighbourhood used his security to block Kenya Power staff from accessing his home. However, after weeks of cat and mouse games, the KP officials disconnected the power right outside his compound, creating a scene. It was after the "tough love" that the man grudgingly agreed to settle the bill. Those aware of the incident wonder why the man gives handouts for political support, yet he can't pay for his family's basic necessities.

Some three senior politicians from Nyanza were at the weekend overheard complaining that an MP from the region had become too bossy and all over the place because of his proximity to their party leader. The politicians were heard wondering what the MP has on their godfather that makes him get invited to all-important appearances and meetings of their big man. They alleged that the MP even attempts to dictate to them when to and what to see the big man over. They have vowed to teach him a lesson, saying he is too proud and mean.

Were some youths given a raw deal last week after attending a well-publicised meeting at a senior government official's home in Nairobi? A section of the youth hailing from Kisii and Nyamira counties said they felt defrauded after the official promised them generous transport and lunch reimbursements that never materialised. They claim the meeting was organised by their youthful MP and a female politician in the city and were even coached to cheer the big man on sight. They only received a fraction of what was promised. "We did our job well and I am sure the man was happy, but where is our pay?" an agitated lady was heard complaining.

Who said prudent use of National Government-Constituency Development Fund cash is all that MPs need to do to endear themselves to voters? Well, an MP from the Coast region has a very good record on the use of public resources, but his constituents seem to demand more. The MP does not contribute to social causes like funerals or weddings, a matter that has caused his popularity to take a deep dive. The lawmaker argues that it is not part of his job to attend or make financial contributions to every funeral. His rivals have capitalised on his stand and are making inroads even in his strongholds ahead of 2022.