Rosemary Odinga asks youth to plant trees

KFS provided 1,600 trees planted Saturday at the Ngong Forest Reserve

In Summary

• Kenya Forest Service has donated 10,000 seedlings to each county, a total of 470,000 seedlings.

Schoolchildren help plant 15,000 tree seedlings at Ol Bolo )sat forest ,Ol Joro Orok.
TREE PLANTING: Schoolchildren help plant 15,000 tree seedlings at Ol Bolo )sat forest ,Ol Joro Orok.
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Rosemary Odinga has asked young people to plant tree in their compounds to fight climate change.

The ODM leader's daughter on Saturday said young people should be at the forefront of tree planting because they will be greatly affected by climate change in the future.

Rosemary, the technical adviser to the ministry of Gender and Public Service said environmental degradation was a major cause of adverse climate change.

Its effects can be mitigated with sufficient forest cover, she said.

“ I urge you my fellow youth to take up this opportunity positively and be part of our journey of making the country green,” she said.

Rosemary was speaking at Ngong' Forest reserve when she joined several government officials and young people in planting 1,600 trees.

The initiative is part of the Kenya Forest Services to restore forest cover to attain 10 per cent forest cover.

According to a mapping report by the Kenya Forest Service, Kenya’s forest cover was 6.99 per cent in 2010. The service has donated 10,000 seedlings to each the 47 counties for young people to plant.

Chairperson of Kenya universities Students Organization Anthony Manyara asked his fellow students to take up tree planting as a commercial initiative.

“As an architect. I can tell the importance of trees, ranging from building to manufacturing papers. When you cut one tree, ensure you replace it with at least two others,” he said.

(Edited by V. Graham)