Cop charged with attempted murder after stabbing colleague for seducing wife

In Summary
  • The accused is said to have attacked the complainant on the wee hours of the night after he arrived home drunk.
  • He stabbed him severally on the chest for allegedly seducing his wife.
Elijah Wanyiri before Makadara law court on Monday
Elijah Wanyiri before Makadara law court on Monday

A police officer who stabbed a colleague for allegedly seducing his wife has been charged with attempted murder

A police officer who stabbed his colleague several times in the chest for allegedly seducing his wife has been charged with attempted murder.

Elijah Wanyiri was on Monday arraigned at Makadara law court for attempting to kill Peter Mutemi a police officer attached at the same court.

The court heard that in the wee hours of February 12 at Shauri Moyo police staff quarters, the accused attempted to cause death to the complainant by stabbing him two times on the chest with a kitchen knife.

The two officers have been sharing a two-bedroomed police staff house.

The accused is an officer attached to Kasarani Sports Centre.

According to the prosecution report, the accused is said to have arrived home in the wee hours while drunk.

He went to the complainant’s bedroom where he was sleeping with his wife.

He knocked on the door and asked the complainant to come out so that they can talk.

Mutemi then came out and asked to first go to the washroom.

As he was coming out of the toilet he found the accused standing at the door while armed with a kitchen knife.

He then moved and attacked him on the chest with the knife but he slightly missed after the complainant pushed the washroom door.

He however sustained a cut on the breast.

As he pleaded with him to spare his life their wives were woken up by the commotion.

They found the two wrestling and they managed to get hold of the accused.

This gave the complainant a moment where he rushed back to the bedroom and put on his trouser.

But the two women were overpowered by the accused who went back to the kitchen and picked another knife.

He followed the complainant to the bedroom while the two women rushed out to call for help.

The complainant once again managed to escape but with serious stab wounds in the chest.

He pushed through the door and met another police officer who had come to find out what was happening.

But the accused came rushing out and charged towards them while still holding the knife which prompted them to run away.

While the complainant was running towards the station's report office he lost consciousness and fell down.

Other officers intervened and managed to disarm and arrest Wanyiri.

The complainant was rushed to the hospital where he was admitted for three days.

Further interrogation of witnesses established that the complainant was seducing the accused's wife which led to the incident.

Senior state counsel Joseph Mburugu asked the magistrate to look at the seriousness of the matter when granting a bond.

"Your honour we are not objecting to the accused person being granted bond but let the accused be warned from visiting the complainant or issuing any form of intimidation against him," he said.

He said that on the issue of transferring the case to a different court the defense can make the application at the high court.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Through his lawyer, he asked for the case to be moved to a different court since the complainant is an officer attached to the same court.

Makadara principal magistrate Eva Kanyiri directed the accused to be freed on a Sh300,000 bond with no cash bail.

The matter will be heard on July 22.