Man who butchered 7-month-old son guilty of murder

Kirinyaga man convicted of murdering his infant son who was lying outside the house in a Kirinyaga village six years ago

In Summary

• Child left outside the house, found with deep gash to the neck and panga cuts to the head.

• Wife said her husband had been hostile to her and the child during and after her pregnancy. Husband said wife had been with the child and claimed his brother wanted his land.  


Kerugoya law courts.
GUILTY: Kerugoya law courts.

A Kirinyaga man has been convicted of murdering his seven-month-old son who was nearly beheaded with a panga.

The man, who was not identified on the court system website, was found guilty by a Kerugoya High Court of murdering the child on August 2, 2014, at Karimani village

The judgment was handed down on August 7 by High Court judge Lucy Gitari.

The reason for the six-year delay in the trial was not explained.

The man denied the charge and said his brother had an interest in acquiring his land. He said his wife had been with the child and he came running when he heard screams.

The child been lying outside the house and when the mother returned, she found him dying from deep cuts to the head and neck. A bloody panga was lying two metres from the body.

She raised the alarm and neighbours came running.

Her husband had been hostile to her during her pregnancy and later hostile to both her and the child, she said.

Before the murder, the man and his brother had been ferrying manure in sacks within the compound.

The man's brother testified that the accused left him, went toward his house and returned with bloody hands.

The accused was rescued from a lynch mob by members of a community policing group that took him to the police station.

He testified he heard screams and headed back home when a mob started beating him, accusing him of murder.

“I find the accused person guilty of the offence of murder and I convict him,” judge Gitari ruled.

(Edited by V. Graham)