Criminal 'bishop' and rogue cop to be sentenced for robbery with violence case

'Bishop' Elijah Musilu and PC Joseph Mutinda, robbed a businessman of his car, cash, phones

In Summary

•The had been released on bond and were doing their cases out of custody

Bishop Elijah Musilu Kavini in Kibera court

A Kibera court will today sentence a dangerous thug who claimed to be a bishop and a rogue police officer, both convicted of robbery with violence.

The two criminals, Bishop Elijah Musilu and police constable Joseph Mutinda, robbed a businessman of his car and other items, all totalling to Sh1,904,000.

Chief Magistrate Joyce Gandani had issued a warrant of arrest against the officer after he failed to appear in court during the the last session.

The two thugs robbed Ibrahim Hussein Ahmed of his Toyota Succeed car, KBR 874, valued at Sh750,000.

They also stole from him Sh1,054,000, Samsung mobile phone valued at Sh70,000, Nokia phone valued at Sh6,000, and eye glasses valued at Sh24,000, all totalling to Sh1.9 million in Nairobi West.

They were armed with a gun.

The  prosecution had called six of witness who testified in the case.

 Ibrahim Hussein, a taxi driver, said his friend from Ethiopia approached him and told him that he needed someone in Kenya to import for him some medicines.

He told court that he asked his friend known as Sammy if he knew anyone and Sammy introduced him to Bishop Elijah, whom they both knew as a doctor and a medical consultant at Aga khan Hospital.  

After a series of meeting the Bishop, he agreed to import the said drugs but he took long to deliver.

Another of the complainant’s friend, identified as Musa, agreed to give the bishop the money if he delivered the agreed drugs.

In time, the bishop said he had the medicines and requested to be paid in cash, at  Pumwani Hospital on July 28, 2015.

However, the bishop suddenly changed the venue to Meridian Hospital, Nairobi West, and Hussein called Sammy to accompany him.

While they were on their way, Hussein was in constant communication with the bishop, who directed him to park his car under a tree, 50 metres from the entrance of Meridian Hospital.

The court heard that all over of a sudden, four men approached Hussein and Sammy, brandishing guns and shouting.

The men introduced themselves as police officers and demanded to see their identity cards.

They accused the complainant and his friend Sammy of being Al Shaabab terrorists and handcuffed them.

Suddenly, a second vehicle arrived carrying more cops, and the second accused took belongings of Hussein and keys of his car.

Hussein and Sammy were bundled into a car, beaten up and a gun was pointed on their heads.

They were driven to Kitengela and were dumped into a thicket and left there.

They later reported the matter to the police and the suspects were arrested.

The suspects all downplayed the claims.

Elijah Musilu claimed he was a bishop with a church in Matuu and not a doctor.

Mutinda, the cop, claimed that at the time of the incident he was on duty at Railways headquarters.

During mitigation, the bishop claimed he had a liver failure problem and was remorseful.

They will be sentenced on Monday.