Did top ministry official make government pay Sh200 million for its own land?

In Summary

•Water agency man in love drama with colleague.

• Bribery allegations rock a Nyanza Public Service Board.

President Uhuru Kenyatta.
THE BOSS: President Uhuru Kenyatta.
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Another scandal much like the Ruaraka land scam is brewing in government. Sources whisper to Corridors the accounting officer in a ministry made the government buy its own land for Sh200 million. The land was sold to the state agency from a private entity. Interestingly however, the land is said to belong to another giant state corporation. To make matters worse, the officer is said to have paid the private entity 10 per cent of the cost upfront.  The officer is now being accused of negligence and abuse of office. A dossier has been sent to anti-graft agencies  when President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured) is reportedly planning a major reshuffle in his administration.

A once-established contractor in a Western county who was favoured in the previous regime could slowly be drowning in depression as a result of reduced fortunes. Our mole whispers the man's drinking habit has worsened as his bids to secure lucrative business tenders with the county government of the day continue to meet stiff resistance. Objections come from a powerful clique around the county boss who are convinced that he didn't fully support the county chief in the 2017 General Election. The man's financial straits have led to a sharp drop in his once-immense wealth. His close buddies whisper how the self-proclaimed millionaire has been reduced to pale shadow of his former self, barely able to afford decent food and clothing.

On June 1, we told you of a big man at a water agency who is being compelled to marry a colleague with whom he is having a serious fling. The man has found himself in a tight spot as he now risks losing not only his wife from whom he is keen on hiding the affair, but also his job. A group of civic actors have got wind of his escapades and are pushing him or his concubine to resign their post at the agency. The agitators also want the man to refund allowances he has pocketed in breach of the law on conflict of interest.

Bribery claims have rocked a public service board of a county in Nyanza. The board chairman is being accused of asking for bribes of more than Sh50,000 from those who applied for positions recently advertised by Ministry of Health in partnership with the counties. Moles have confided to Corridors that the officer demanded bribes for the recent interviews for various senior positions to be filled in the county government. Interestingly, members of his board do not get a penny of the loot as he alone benefits while others watch. And they are  threatening to spill the beans very soon.