Save me from my cop wife, husband begs court

Akuku questioned Oluoch about a woman she alleged had threatened to kill her children, fight ensued.

In Summary
  • Oluoch and his wife had a fight before Ogutu joined in and allegedly poured hot water on him.
  • Oluoch asked the court for protection from his wife, who is a police officer. He said she brandished knives.
Evans Nyakado Oluoch before Makadara law courts.
SAVE ME: Evans Nyakado Oluoch before Makadara law courts.

A man has sought court protection from his police officer wife because he says she has been threatening him on social media and he fears violence.

Evans  Oluoch, through his lawyer Abidah Nicholas, on Friday told Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyagah that his wife - Nancy Akuku - is a police officer and has been issuing threats against him on social media.

“Your Honour, my client needs protection from the wife who is a police officer and has continued to harass, threaten and malign his name on social media,” Nicholas said. 


Nyagah ordered Akuku and Oluoch not to post any pictures or issue any threats on social media.

However, Oluoch had been charged with assaulting his sister-in-law Naomi Ogutu on April 24. She was living with him and his wife at Nyayo Estate in Embakasi, Nairobi.

Ogutu was accused of assaulting Oluoch on that night, throwing scalding water on him and causing grievous harm to his back and hands.

On April 24, Oluoch and his wife Nancy had a row soon after he came back from work.

The argument allegedly started after Akuku questioned Oluoch about a woman whom she claimed had threatened to kill her children.

The argument turned physical and Naomi allegedly joined in to support her sister.

Akuku allegedly rushed to the kitchen and returned to the sitting room brandishing two knives. She allegedly gave one to her sister as they confronted Oluoch.


In court papers Oluoch said he swung and hit his wife in self-defence. He ordered her to leave his house. She refused. 

When the tempers cooled down, Naomi went to the kitchen leaving Oluoch and Akuku in the sitting room.

She then called out, asking her sister if she was ready. She replied "yes," according to court papers.

Oluoch then was allegedly ambushed and hot water poured all over his body.

Oluoch's lawyer asked the court to be lenient as Oluoch is a victim and is still nursing burns. 

Oluoch and his sister-in-law Naomi were freed on Sh50,000 cash bail each. His wife was not charged.

The trial will begin on September 9.

(Edited by V. Graham)