University of Nairobi to readmit students who were expelled

VC said he wants to reform the youth and tap into their skills.

In Summary

• Kiama wants to reform the young men and women so that they positively contribute to the society

• The VC says disciplinary actions should be destructive to students 

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Stephen Kiama.
University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Stephen Kiama.

The University of Nairobi will readmit students who were expelled on disciplinary grounds.

UoN Vice Chairman Stephen Kiama said he wants to reform young people and tap into their skills so that they can contribute positively to the nation.

Kiama added that the country has brilliant students with abundant talent that should be harnessed to productive causes of the society.

“I have asked the senate to review cases of suspended students with a view to readmitting them to complete their studies. Students who show remorse for their actions and commit to uphold the rule of law will be pardoned and supported to complete their studies,” Kiama said.

He was addressing the staff on Friday during a virtual meeting to explain the University programs during and post Covid-19 pandemic.

“I urge individual students to reach out to their Deans and Directors or College Principals to address their challenges. Dialogue is the best approach for addressing internal issues,” he said.

Kiama said that confrontations between management and students should be a thing of the past and all stakeholders should focus on changing making the society a better place.

“In that regard, I have asked the senate to appoint a committee to review regulations on student discipline and come up with new approaches aimed at correcting and reforming wayward behaviors. The punishments meted on students should not be destructive but helpful to the students to overcome their weaknesses,” Kiama said.

He told the told the staff that he was happy to confirm that the school has received money from the government to pay enhanced clinical allowances for medical practitioners, pharmacists and dentists.

“The other good news is that we have received a commitment from the government for the release of exchequer for the settlement of arrears pertaining to Collective Bargain Agreement 2017-2021. Our Finance office is ready to disburse the payments once we receive the cheque,” he said.

“I once again take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your commitment to keep the university moving forward in the midst of Covid-19 hazards.”

He also thanked the faculty and our students for their resolve to complete their academic programs using online platforms.

“So far, a good number of Postgraduate programs have successfully conducted online exams providing us with valuable lessons for further improvements. We are looking forward to graduating those who will have completed their studies In September and December,” Kiama said.

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