Waiguru's impeachment hearings begin tomorrow

If committee dismisses the allegations, the case shall have been defeated

In Summary

•Governor's lawyers submitted several boxes of documents as responses to allegations against her 

•MCAs will tomorrow lay bare their case before a special committee of the senate

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.
Image: FILE

It is a do-or-die week for embattled Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru as impeachment process enters the crucial stage.

By Friday, the governor shall have known whether she will continue serving the people of Kirinyaga as their governor or leave the powerful county seat and crumble her political career.

The Senate special committee formed to investigate the impeachment charges against her and table a report on Friday begins hearing the case tomorrow.

“Hearings begin on Tuesday through to Wednesday, but tomorrow (Monday) we (committee) are meeting to agree on how we are going to go about the process,” chairman Cleophas Malala said.

The governor beat the Saturday deadline to file her responses to the particular accusations levelled against her – essentially setting the stage for a face-off with the MCAs.

The ward representatives voted to impeach the county boss on June 9, accusing her of gross violation of the Constitution and abuse office.

She is accused of failing to deliver the state of the county address as stipulated in the Constitution and violating Section 46 of the Pubic Procurement and Disposal Act by usurping powers of accounting officers.  

Waiguru’s lawyers, led by Kamotho Waiganjo, who is also her husband, accompanied by lawyer Paul Nyamodi, submitted stacks of documents to the office clerk.

“We have filed all responses substantive to the charges levelled against the governor. The responses are contained in 40 cartons,” Waiganjo said moments after filing the responses.

Moments later, the governor said: “I have full confidence in my legal team and believe my response is sound. Let's allow the Senate to do its work. I have confidence in the rule of law and believe that Truth and Justice will be our shield and defender.”

Last Wednesday, the committee had sent out a letter to Kirinyaga county assembly speaker Anthony Gathumbi advising him to submit a list of three MCAs who will accompany him to the Senate as directed by the committee.

The Speaker is expected to appear before the committee on Tuesday when the hearings officially begin to shed light on the allegations against the governor.

Gathumbi was asked to provide 20 hard copies of the documents they relied on while looking into the charges. He was further asked to provide names of possible witnesses.

“Take note that should you choose not to appear before the committee and thereafter the senate shall proceed with this matter in accordance with the Constitution without further reference to you,” reads the letter.

The assembly will be the first to argue its case before the committee moments after the parties make their opening remarks Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the governor will take the stand herself against the particular allegations advanced for her impeachment.

The 11- member committee will immediately retreat to scrutinise the submissions and file a report. The report shall be tabled on the floor on Friday.

Should the committee find any of the allegations to be valid, it will uphold the MCAs decision to remove the governor. The decision shall be subjected to a vote on the floor.

However, should the majority of the member dismiss the allegation, the case shall have been defeated.

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