Neutral technocrats must guide economic recovery - experts

Experts warn against self-serving politicians dominating economic recovery team.

In Summary
  • Experts say a good economic recovery strategy after Covid-19 should be drawn up by experts.
  • Musalia has also called for a professional economic recovery team.

Experts want President Uhuru Kenyatta to assemble an apolitical panel of technocrats to map out the country's post-Covid-19 economic recovery strategy.

The economic experts say that an effective recovery plan would best be crafted by technocrats and not self-interested politicians with political goals.

“I would be cautious with a panel of politicians,” economic analyst Robert Shaw said.

Shaw, a public policy analyst, told the Star the team the president will set up must be as all-inclusive as possible.

“I expect that team will have players from all the sectors of the economy but must not be dominated by politicians,” he said, warning that a panel populated by political players will not be objective.

“We must also have a blend of skills,” he added.

No partisan interests

Economic analystErnest Guyo aid entrusting Kenya's economic future to a team dominated by politicians would be disastrous.

Experts say an economic recovery team fashioned around President Mwai Kibaki's strategy after taking power in 2002 would steady the country after the pandemic.

Kibaki picked David Ndii, Harry Mule and Caleb Opon to craft a five-year Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth Creation and Employment.

“The country needs a dream team to deliver an economic recovery strategy that can mirror what Kibaki did in 2002,” economic analyst Earnest Guyo said.

Guyo, a fiscal analyst as well, told the Star entrusting the country's economic future to the hands of politicians would be disastrous for Kenya.

“Partisan interests and shadow-boxing would not allow the dream to be actualised," he said.

President Kenyatta said his administration is working on a plan to revive the economy. He reportedly plans to name an agency to spearhead the recovery.

Opposition chief Raila Odinga has been tipped to lead the National Economic Recovery Council, the focal point for coordinating all government efforts to revive the economy.

The team domiciled in the Office of the President is expected to take charge of the economic recovery Covid-19 has ravaged the economy.

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi has also asked President Kenyatta to come up with an economic recovery framework.

Mudavadi said Uhuru should bring experts on board.

(Edited by V. Graham)