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Home is not conductive for work

Adjusting to this Isolation or loneliness from a busy working environment has been a reflective journey

In Summary

• This is my third week working from home and it has been nothing short of lonely if not destructive. 

• Distractions are never-ending starting with neighbour's loud music to children playing loudly along the corridors. 

A woman works from home.
DISTRACTIONS: A woman works from home.
Image: OZONE

My day starts at 5.30am to allow me to have a quiet time with God and shortly after, get my brain and body active by doing some physical exercises.  

Distraction from my neighbour's loud music, worries of power going off, children playing along the corridors and temptations to watch an episode of my favourite TV series are challenges that I have to deal with almost every day.

If it was my choice, I would work from the office, which is far better than sitting on my couch which is harmful to my back. 

Access to the internet is also another issue. Loading up bundles every day is financially straining. 

Sourcing for stories is a big challenge I have encountered. Prior to the pandemic, courts were operational but now everything is at a standstill.  This means sourcing for stories through my networks which is another challenge considering the financial constraints.

Adjusting to this isolation or loneliness from a busy working environment has been a reflective journey.

Edited by Henry Makori