City sets March 31 deadline for collection of 119 bodies

City Mortuary has 42 unclaimed bodies and 87 waiting to be collected

In Summary

•As of Tuesday, there were 119 bodies at City Mortuary, among them 42 unclaimed

•County official says only bodies with police cases will be exempted from  disposal

Nairobi City mortuary
Nairobi City mortuary

Members of the public have until March 31 to collect bodies form the City Mortuary to decongest the facility.

The county government of Nairobi has warned it will seek court orders to dispose of the bodies after the deadline.

As of Tuesday, there were 119 bodies at City Mortuary. Among them were 42 unclaimed and 87 yet to be colected by families.

Health executive Hitan Majevdia said the move would create more space at the public morgue.

“Interested members of the public are asked to identify, failure to which the county government of Nairobi will seek authority for disposal," he said.

The county official said only bodies with police cases will be exempted from  disposal.

The Public Health Act stipulates that a body should be removed from a mortuary within two weeks or be disposed of.

In January, the county had a total of 108 unclaimed bodies with 89 lying at the City Mortuary and 19 Mbagathi Hospital.


At the City Mortuary, out of the 89 bodies 69 were unknown.

The identified ones had been classified by gender: 19 male, three female and two babies.

At Mbagathi Hospital, the number of unclaimed bodies was 19: four females and and 15 males.

Among the 19 bodies, only three were unknown. In November last year, the county disposed of 97 unclaimed bodies at the Mbagathi Hospital after obtaining a court order .

The county had raised concerns over the high number of bodies lying in the hospital's morgue since 2017.

The order was issued on October 16 by chief magistrate R. Oganyo of the city court.

Edited by Henry Makori