KQ sends workers on unpaid leave, managers take 75% pay cut

He said the management will e subjected to a 75% pay cut and he will get an 80% pay cut.

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• He said the management will be subjected to a 75% pay cut.

KQ flight at Moi Airport Mombasa
KQ flight at Moi Airport Mombasa
Image: FILE

Kenya Airways management team will take a 75 per cent pay cut as the airline announced unpaid leave for some of its staff beginning April 1.

This was in reaction to the coronavirus that has forced the airline to suspend its flights in a bid to contain the situation.

So far, Kenya has recorded seven confirmed cases. Globally, the number of deaths has hit over 10,000 as the world struggles to control the situation.

"We are facing challenging times and I would like to reiterate that we are in this together. I assure you that you are at the centre of every decision affecting our airline," CEO Allan Kilavuka said.

"We have been evaluating how these events will affect you and have made every effort to conserve jobs across the business. We are therefore not taking any decision on layoffs. "

In a statement on Friday, Kilavuka said everyone should participate in taking a salary reduction and paid and unpaid leave.

He said the management will be subjected to a 75% pay cut and he will get an 80% pay cut.

"All employees who will not be required at work will take their annual leave with immediate effect," he said.

Kilavuka said all employees at grade H06 and above will be on a one week paid and three weeks unpaid leave  with effect from April 1, 2020.

All employees at H05 and below will be on two weeks paid and two weeks unpaid leave.

"If you are required to be on duty, you will be on 25% or 50% pay subject to your grade," he said.

Kilavuka said these reductions will be considered as owed to you as an employee to be compensated at a future date when the company can afford to do so and upon return to profitability.


 "These measures will be reviewed on a monthly basis and your respective Head of Department will provide you with further details," he said.

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