Kebs seizes 5 more brands of uncertified sanitisers

In Summary

•  Members of the public are urged to be on the look out for fake sanitisers.

KEBS offices in Mombasa.
STANDARDS: KEBS offices in Mombasa.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) on Friday seized five more brands of uncertified sanitisers in Nairobi. 

They are Fresh Burst Hand Sanitizer, Shii little comforts hand sanitizer, Gladmaxx- instant hand sanitizer, Sanitizer and Aveko White Spirit.

 The exercise was carried out by the head of chemicals Nicholas Nzesya and will continue over the weekend.

 Members of the public are urged to be on the look out for fake sanitisers.

There has been a shoot in demand for sanitisers in the wake of the coronavirus.

This, despite advice that it is better to clean hands using soap and water.

To check the validity of the Standardization Mark permit on sanitisers, one should send the code (numbers) underneath the Standardization Mark logo to 20023 (i.e. type message SM#Code and SMS to 20023) to get product manufacturing details and permit validity status or ISM#code for imported products.

 Pure Magic (PM) Hand Sanitizer for Aromakare Ltd permit was renewed after KEBS re-tested their product and found it compliant with required standards.  

The following  brands have been seized and their manufacturers are been sought by the DCI.

Angelicas Luxury hand sanitizer, Lulu  hand sanitizer, Vicente pocket sanitizer, 

San Gel, Dulax, Optzar Advanced  sanitizer, Germs sanitizer and Fresh Burst Hand Sanitizer.


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