Corridors of Power: Raila snubs Ruto at Moi funeral

Did Raila intentionally snub Ruto when recognising leaders in Moi funeral?

In Summary
  • One senior government official unintentionally stepped on First Lady Margaret’s toe, and apparently inflicted great pain.
  • An ODM MCA has never been seen anywhere near the county assembly since county leadership changes were effected.
ODM leader Raila Odinga
ODM leader Raila Odinga
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Did ODM Raila Odinga deliberately ignore DP William Ruto during the burial ceremony of former President Daniel Moi? Well, it is not clear why the former prime minister failed to recognise Ruto even after mentioning other leaders. After recognising the President and First Lady Margret Kenyatta, he moved to the family without following the required protocol. The deep-seated political rivalry between Ruto and Raila is an open secret as the 2022 succession politics take shape. Perhaps Kenyans must not be consumed in Moi's mourning to imagine that the 2022 competition has been swept under the carpet. More is yet to come.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived at Kabarak University for the burial of retired President Daniel Moi, senior government officials were obviously on stand by to receive the head of state. With the President was First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. But as he shook the hands of those who were welcoming him, one senior government official unintentionally stepped on Margaret’s toe, and apparently inflicted great pain. The government official, upon realising what he had just done, frantically apologised, and when he was “forgiven” for being a bit careless, he shook her hand, again, smiling in an embarrassed manner perhaps out of shame.

After ODM made changes to its leadership in Nairobi county assembly last November, MCAs who supported the status quo were not amused. The changes were prompted by a petition which was signed by 40 out of 55 MCAs. Why then would one be so angered by the democratic principle of the majority having their way and minority their say? A ward leader told Corridors of Power that one MCA was so pissed off with the party when it made a communication to Speaker Beatrice Elachi on the matter. The MCA has never been seen anywhere near the county assembly since the changes were effected. Hopefully, the MCA will have cooled off ready for sittings when the assembly resumes next Tuesday.

Even as Kenyans complain about hard economic times, a Cabinet Secretary is said to be so generous with his money, especially to the women he dates. A mole whispered to Corridors of Power that the CS will not think twice about giving his dates up to Sh100,000 just for a nice time with them. However, the offer usually comes with a huge price for the women. The CS is said to be so ill-mannered, vulgar and unconscionable that he fondles women in front of his aides, close friends or even guests while shamelessly asking, "Has anybody been touching you here?"