'Don't gag us', Kiunjuri tells Uhuru over BBI, 2022 politics

Kiunjuri declared undying support for Ruto whether in the opposition or forms government.

In Summary

• Kiunjuri on Wednesday said it was unfair for Mt. Kenya politicians to always be directed on what to do.

• He said all Kenyans must be given an opportunity to speak about BBI rather than being championed as a preserve of a few politicians with own vested interests.

Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri on Wednesday appeared to take a swipe at President Uhuru Kenyatta for what he termed as 'arm twisting'.

Speaking in Kiambu in the presence of Deputy President William Ruto, the former CS said it was unfair for the Mt. Kenya politicians to always be directed on what to do or who to follow.

"Wacha watu wazungumuze... If Jesus had a conversation with a mad man...who are you not to have a conversation with other Kenyans?... how can you tell us to build bridges and you want to demolish others," he said.

Kiunjuri who was dropped by Uhuru from the Cabinet in a reshuffle early this month added; "Ya kupimaniwa hewa tuwache."

Kiunjuri said though he has no problem with the President, those around him are to blame for wanting to take everything for themselves.

While declaring his loyalty to Deputy President William Ruto, Kiunjuri said he will remain friends with the DP at all costs.

...wajinga Kenya waliisha and that is why I am standing firm. I want to affirm that I will stand firm to the last minute na tuwache kupimiwa hewa
Mwangi Kiunjuri

"Deputy President, I can assure you that you will have one general to the end. If you end up in opposition we shall be together... if you form the next government we shall be there," he said.

"Those who are not against us are for us. Even if I decided to go start my own BBI campaigns in Laikipia it shall still be the same BBI we are talking about".

Kiunjuri's statement came just a day after Uhuru warned that he would not be distracted from the BBI by those raising issues about it.

"Nchi ikiwa na amani na umoja mengi yanaweza kutendeka, sio kila saa ni siasa. Nawaomba wenzangu muambie wanasiasa wacheni tufanye kazi kwanza," the head of state said.

He also said the country will be stable and move forward if everyone is united.

"Tusiogope tukiwa pamoja. It is what is necessary for stability and to move this country forward. Na mimi sitatingizika. Hapo ndipo mimi nipo na nitasonga mbele na hiyo line," the President said.

Kiunjuri said all Kenyans must be given an opportunity to speak about the BBI rather than being championed as a preserve of a few politicians with their own vested interests.

Kiunjuri questioned how the BBI campaigns tend to be discriminating against other people from participating.


"How can you tell us to build bridges when you are demolishing others. It is ironical to demolish one bridge to build the other... wajinga Kenya waliisha," he said.

He said President Uhuru should rather be given time to do his work.

"Jesus was born and ruled and left. Our colonisers were here and left leaving a lot of unaccomplished work. Founding father Jomo Kenyatta pushed what he could and did not finish. Moi took over the work, he did not finish and handed over to Mwai Kibaki who later handed to Uhuru Kenyatta. Let Uhuru serve his term and leave and that is why DP Ruto is preparing to take over the work," the outspoken politician said.

According to Kiunjuri, Uhuru should finish his work and allow Ruto to complete his 10-year deal.

"Let everyone serve their terms and go, and even if you were to serve 20 years you will not finish this work, Moi served for 24 years did he finish, our colonisers were here for over 100 years did they finish," he posed.

Kiunjuri was fired earlier in the month but he said his sacking by Uhuru did not surprise him and he was a relieved man.

He said he had endured humiliation and threats while serving in Uhuru’s Cabinet and is happy that he will now focus on other national issues.

“My friends and family know what I went through. I gave my best and I am proud of my achievements. I am leaving government with my head held high,” he said.

“I am not going anywhere. You will be seeing me in national politics because for any action there will be a reaction."

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