Moses Kuria dismisses BBI report as 'fake'

In Summary

• Kuria was responding to lawyer Donald Kipkorir who laid out a procedure of how he envisions BBI recommendations becoming law.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.
Image: FILE

Gatundu South MP Mosers Kuria has dismissed the BBI report released last week, terming it 'fake'.

In a tweet reply to lawyer Donald Kipkorir on Tuesday, Kuria said, "Replete with parliamentary system, executive prime minister and 12 regional premiers. The real BBI away from the Bonoko (fake) BBI charade that was released at Bomas last week."

Kipkorir had tweeted his views on how he envisioned the provisions within the BBI report becoming law.

He said President Uhuru Kenyatta would need to form a Committee of Experts to draft a BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill.

Thereafter, Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga would traverse the country selling the Bill and "collect nine million signatures", which is above the one million needed.

Kipkorir went on to say that the Bill and signatures would then be presented to the IEBC, who would then present it to all county assemblies.

"40 instead of 24 counties approve the Bill and the approved Bill goes to Parliament and requires a simple majority only ... Gets majority support. Then Uhuru assents to Bill," he said.

Kuria last week hit out at ODM for vouching for a referendum under the BBI.

Kuria on Thursday said both the National Assembly and the Senate will not burden Kenyans with a 'useless' referendum that will cost the taxpayer over Sh30 billion.

Raila said his brigade will not allow conversation on the BBI that does not lead to a referendum.

He said the only way the BBI proposals will be defended is through a referendum.

Raila was speaking during the official unveiling of the new ODM party headquarters in Lavington.

"This report is people owned and will not be taken to Parliament. Kenyans will decide what t do do with the report," Raila said.

Kuria said instead of going to a referendum, Sh4 billion should be used to mop up excess milk in the market to move the price paid to farmers from Sh17 to Sh40 per litre.

He said Sh7 billion should be channeled to increase the coffee cherry advance kitty, Sh4 billion to pay sugar farmers, Sh4 billion to set up potato processing factory, Sh4 billion to buy off rice from farmers in Mwea and Ahero and Sh4 billion to support miraa farmers.

"Sh1 billion should pay the Chinese loans to reduce the Sh1 trillion budget deficit, Sh2 billion to expand buying capacity of the Kenya Meat Commission and Sh2 billion used to set up guaranteed minimum return for tea," he said.