Free P3 forms for Embu assault victims

Embu MCAs pass amendments to Finance Bill , awaiting assent

In Summary

• Assault victims were paying Sh1,000 for the form to report assault, new mothers will now get a Mother-Child Health booklet for free. 

• They also propose that medical services for People With Disability be exempted from tax. 

Embu MCAs in the chamber .
FINANCE BILL: Embu MCAs in the chamber .
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Finance Committee Chairman MCA Morris Muchiri (Kirimari) at thecounty aAssembly Chambers
FREE P3 FORMS: Finance Committee Chairman MCA Morris Muchiri (Kirimari) at thecounty aAssembly Chambers

The Embu County Assembly has proposed P3 forms be issued to assault victims free of charge.

It has also resolved that new mothers be issued with the 'Mother-Child Health' booklet for free.

Finance and Economic Planning committee chairman Morris Muchirsi said MCAs had considered the dire need for the two documents and the necessity that they be free. Many poor assault victims and new mothers require them, he said.

He spoke while moving amendments to the Embu County Finance Bill 2019.

They await assent by Governor Martin Wambora.

The Finance Bill and all amendment were passed unanimously.

The MCA also proposed that medical services to Persons with Disability be added to the list of those exempted from tax to guarantee that people in the special interest group receive quality healthcare in public hospitals.

He added that disability assessment charges would also be zero-rated upon adoption of his proposed amendments.

Kyeni South MCA Salesio Kimaru said the exemption of specified medical services from taxation was part of affirmative action and would go a long way in improving lives.

Kimaru said free MCH booklets and P3 forms were a positive step.

It's a burden for an assaulted person, especially a poor one, to pay Sh1,000 for a P3 form, he said.

Muchiri also proposed an amendment to reduce the cost of AI semen from Sh1,000 to Sh500.

The MCA said the reduction would promote the improvement of dairy cattle breeds for all farmers rearing indigenous cows. 

The House, however, adopted an additional Sh50,000 levy for telecommunication masts.

The new charges for large, medium and small telecommunications masts would be Sh200,000, Sh150,000 and Sh100,00, respectively.

The assembly also approved an increase in fees for reserved parking from the current Sh40,000 per year to Sh100,000. The aim is to free up parking spaces and increase revenue.

Taxi drivers would also be required to pay a monthly parking fee of Sh1,000.

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