Oloo murder suspect 'could be state witness' — official

Suspect is a police chief inspector with whom Oloo was cohabiting, initially said to have been arrested

In Summary

• Suspect in the Star Journalist Eric Oloo’s murder is yet to be arraigned one week after the killing. The two were cohabiting.

• County commissioner says he has intelligence that the woman, a police chief inspector, may be used as a state's witness and has not been arrested. 

Slain Journalist Eric Oloo and police chief inspector Sabina Kerubo in whose house he was murdered / COURTESY
Slain Journalist Eric Oloo and police chief inspector Sabina Kerubo in whose house he was murdered / COURTESY

The suspect in Star journalist Eric Oloo’s murder is yet to be arraigned one week after the killing raising questions about whether she will be a state witness.

County commissioner Michael Tialal said, "I have realised the police are lying to me, but I have my intelligence that they want to use Sabina Kerubo as a state witness and that is why they have not arrested her."

Oloo and Kerubo had been cohabiting for about a year.

There was no official confirmation of her status as a state witness.

The body of Oloo was found on Wednesday last week at the Kerubo's house in Ugunja. He died of blunt force trauma and cuts to the head.

Kerubowas initially reported to have been arrested with several other people, including two men. Apparently she was not. Her whereabouts were not immediately known.

Questions by the family and the media about why the officer has not been presented in court — unlike other suspects who were arraigned on Monday — have not been answered.

The Star was unsuccessful in obtaining comment from the county commissioner, the Siaya police commander and the county criminal investigation officer.

County commissioner Michael Tialal promised journalists on Monday that Kerubo would be presented on Tuesday. It hasn't happened.

Police commander Francis Kooli who talked to the Star on the phone on Thursday said he was away and he has no idea about the progress of the case.

County criminal investigations officer Koini said he has only been in the station for two days. “I only reported on Wednesday and I have not been briefed about the case,” Koini said.

Earlier the county commissioner Tialal had faulted police investigators for giving him misleading information.

He said he learned of the murder when officers handling the case mislead him that the suspect chief inspector Kerubo was arrested when she was not. He later said she might become a state witness.

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi demanded the direct involvement of the DCI boss George Kinoti.

Wandayi said the case calls for the deployment of homicide experts from the DCI headquarters under the command of a neutral senior officer. He said anything else would be unacceptable.

“It is, therefore, imperative that this dastardly act of murder is resolved speedily and the real culprits arraigned in court without equivocation,” Wandayi said.

The Ugunja MP said he will be discussing with the family the possibility of procuring parallel private investigations if the current state of affairs persists.

Wandayi said he has been keenly monitoring the developments but investigations have not inspired confidence by the public.

“Patience among the public is fast waning and tension is understandably building up not only in Ugunja but across the county of Siaya over this matter,” Wandayi said.

Oloo’s body will be moved from Sega mortuary on Friday to his home in Ugunja for the burial.

(Edited by V. Graham)