We'll not allow unbiblical practices, DP Ruto says

Says Kenya is a God-fearing nation that follows the doctrines of the Bible

In Summary
  • Ruto called on religious leaders to pray for the country and its leadership
  • Says government will stand firm against teachings that go against Christianity
Deputy President William Ruto
DEFENDER OF FAITH: Deputy President William Ruto
Image: FILE

Deputy President William Ruto has told Christians the government will not allow the introduction of practices that contradict the teachings of the Bible.

He said Kenya was a God-fearing nation that followed the doctrines of the Bible. Ruto spoke in reference to the upcoming International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) to be held in Nairobi this week.

“We would stand firm as leaders to oppose any teachings and issues that go against our stand as Christians,” he said.


During the last conference in 1994 in Cairo, ICPD adopted a landmark plan that sought to advance human well-being by placing the rights of individuals at the centre of the global development agenda.

Ruto spoke on Sunday at the Covenant Church International Enkongu Enkare in Naroosura, Narok county, during the consecration of bishop Simon Saningo Simpai and assistant bishop Chris Kosencha.

He was accompanied by MPs Korei Ole Lemein (Narok South), Gabriel Tongoyo (Narok West), Saipan Tuya (Woman Rep, Narok) and Interior Chief Administrative Secretary Patrick Ntutu.

Tongoyo who appealed to Kenyans not to engage in practices that are not in harmony with the biblical teachings. 

At the same time Ruto called on religious leaders to pray for the country and its leadership. 

“We cannot realise our development goals if we do not have your blessing and prayers,” he said.


Ruto said the government had set aside Sh50 million for the construction of a technical training institute in Narok South. 


Tuya urged Kenyans to exercise political tolerance and shun violence against those they do not agree with. “Let us not go back to the politics of intolerance,” she said.

Tongoyo said Kenyans were eagerly waiting for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report to assess its benefits. 

He said Kenyans would only support the report if it would be about transforming their lives.

The Narok West legislator said Kenyans would support the BBI report if it would ease their burden. "However if it will increase the burden, we will reject it just like the Punguza Mizigo Bill."