Kamba elders want Uhuru to block Sonko graft probe

Council claims Sonkos' political enemies are being used to intimidate him.

In Summary

•These investigations are suspicious because they keep on changing goalposts.

• They claimed some individuals are being used by Sonko's political enemies to harass and intimidate him.


The governing council of Kamba elders yesterday urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene in the fraud probe against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

The elders, led by their chairman Boniface Kilonzo, claimed that the investigations are suspicious because goalposts keep changing causing the subject mental torture.

"We appeal to our beloved President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to intervene in these unsubstantiated and politically instigated allegations towards our beloved son and governor of Nairobi City County," they said.

They said Sonko’s loyalty to the head of state and the country was unquestionable and it hurts the Kamba community that he is being subjected to unclear and suspicious investigations.

The elders alleged that the investigations against Sonko began after he questioned land grabbing in South C  and Ruaraka.

They claimed the South C playground worth Sh600 million was grabbed by a private developer with the assistance of one of EACC directors.

Further, they said Sonko had helped the recovery of the Ruaraka primary school land worth Sh1.5 billion.

Kilonzo maintained that Sonko's political enemies have been using EACC investigators to harass the governor.

"At one point we hear as a community Governor Sonko is being investigated for matters related to procurement processes at the county as if he is a procurement officer. We hear now they are investigating him for allegedly lying in his self-declaration form when he sought clearance to contest for governorship," he added.

The elders termed the investigations as a witch-hunt.

They said the cases the governor is accused of happened 22 years ago and they fail to understand why they were brought up when he was cleared of many years back.

They revealed that the council is aware of some individuals in the Government who will be named if the alleged harassment doesn't stop.

"We are not going to mention names here or reveal what actions we are going to take because we are citizens who abide the law according to the constitution," Kilonzo said.