Publish BBI report swiftly, say Mt Kenya bosses

Sharp reactions from Mt Kenya over the BBI signal unease in the President's backyard.

In Summary

• Call by governors points to growing jitters within Mt Kenya over the possible shift in the country's governance structure to a parliamentary system. 

• Report's handover to President delayed after he travelled to Saudi Arabia on Monday. It was expected he would receive it this week. 

Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia speaks at Catholic grounds in Ol Kalou
PUT AN END TO JITTERS: Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia speaks at Catholic grounds in Ol Kalou

Four governors from Mt Kenya region on Tuesday appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to publish the BBI report to salvage the country from divisive speculations. 

The sharp reactions from Mt Kenya over the BBI contents signal unease in the President's backyard and the possible showdown over the report's far-reaching proposals. It is widely reported to recommend a parliamentary system of governance.

Kiraitu Murungi (Meru), Francis Kimemia (Nyandarua), Martin Wambora (Embu) and Laikipia's Nderitu Mureithi warned that the ensuing public debate over the Building Bridges Initiative proposals could trigger animosity. 


The governors said by publishing the report, the president and Opposition chief Raila Odinga will decisively secure the goodwill of Kenyans that they said is being eroded by speculation and debate.

They said that while the report is yet to be released and its contents made public, it has already elicited "potentially divisive anticipatory debate full of emotions and innuendos' likely to undermine its objective. 

“We appeal to our leaders to publish the report as soon as possible to reduce these speculations,” the governors said at a press conference at Panafric Hotel in Nairobi.

Speaking days after a section of Mt Kenya MPs warned that the region will reject the report if it recommends a parliamentary system, the governors urged the people to stop speculation.

“We urge our people and all Kenyans to be patient as we await the report to be released and its contents publicly known,” Kimemia, who read the statement, said. 

They spoke a day after it became increasingly clear that the report's official handover to the President would be delayed after Uhuru travelled to Saudi Arabia on Monday evening. 

The BBI team concluded its assignment last week and has been on standby for an invitation from State House to present the report.


Exposing jitters within Mt Kenya over the likely BBI proposals, they said the region, like others, has its own interests that must be fairly ddressed by the report. 

“We shall examine the report in detail, discuss it objectively and support it if it satisfies the interests of our region,” Kimemia said.

Kiraitu said the region supports the initiative but they will study it "to see if it captures the interests of our people”. 

“If it does not, we shall reject it,” he said. 

“Our concern is that there is too much talk and speculation over the report whose contents nobody has seen. Let us be calm and stop speculations.”

Last week on Thursday, MPs from Mt Kenya warned that unless the BBI proposals appreciate the principle of one-man-one-vote, they will reject it. 

The lawmakers said a parliamentary system would 'further disadvantage' the region.

Edited by R.Wamochie