No peace in KU until Wainaina resigns — students

Institution was closed after students destroyed property demanding VC's exit

In Summary

• Students say the VC has imposed draconian rules including clearance of fees a month after resuming from break, say most parents cannot afford this. 

• They picket until the don exits. 

Some Kenyatta University students stranded outside the university's main entrance
'INSENSITIVE VC': Some Kenyatta University students stranded outside the university's main entrance

Kenyatta University students have threatened to disrupt activities at the institution and picket until Vice Chancellor Prof Paul Wainaina resigns.

Led by their president Joshua Ika on Wednesday, the students who are at loggerheads with Wainaina said normalcy will only resume after the don quits.

Ika accused Wainaina of coming up with draconian rules that oppress the students and their parents, citing graduation fee increment, compulsory use of a footbridge constructed within the university and fee payments. 


The student leader said the institution is forcing students to clear their fees in a month which, he said, has become unbearable for most students whose parents cannot afford the money in such a short time. 

“We want Wainaina out because he cannot understand students’ issues. He is demanding that all students clear their fees in one month which is impossible. Some students like those taking Architecture pay about 150,000, where does he think that amount of money will come from within that time?” Ika asked.

“This university is turning out to be for the rich only. Most students come from humble backgrounds and need more time to settle their fees and therefore we want the fees deadline pushed to one week before exams." 

Ika said he has reached out to the administration over the fee issue "but his pleas have fallen on deaf ears".

“Now because the VC has proven he cannot handle matters affecting students, he must resign, failure to which we will not give him peace. We are not at a guerilla war with the administration." 

The university was closed on Tuesday after students went on a rampage destroying properties within the institution. They also brought down a wall within the university. 

“Following disturbances by some students that have led to the disruption of lectures and destruction of university property, the University Senate has decided to close the institution until further notice,” a memo signed by the VC reads. 


Edited by R.Wamochie