Defend my government or lose jobs — Ottichilo

Governor says his administration is under pressure from rivals to deliver services

In Summary

• County administrators told their jobs are at stake if rivals come in. 

• Governor's opponents have accused him of wasting time on planning instead of rolling out development. 

Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo during the performance contract signing by his CECs in Mbale on September 12.
SCARED OF RIVALS: Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo during the performance contract signing by his CECs in Mbale on September 12.

Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo wants county ward administrators to fight for his government to protect their jobs.

The county chief told the officers that their jobs would be at stake “if the rivals out there come in”.

“You must be in every public function that takes place in your areas to defend the government. I have asked the CECs and directors to facilitate you so you can work,” the governor said.

Speaking when he launched the performance contracting for county staff at Mbale on Thursday, Ottichilo said his administration was under pressure to deliver services.

He asked residents to be patient because county governments have not received funds for the first quarter this financial year following the standoff between the Senate and National Assembly on revenue sharing. 

“Some people are so impatient that they want things done immediately but they must also appreciate other dynamics. We have spent time putting in place structures and building institutions to ensure quality services regardless of who's in office," he said.

Ottichilo has been under intense pressure from his opponents who have accused him of wasting a lot of time on planning instead of rolling out development.

The governor has in the past said that he inherited an empty country Treasury and a government without structures. 

He has sacked some staff whom he said were irregularly hired and cleaned the county payroll of ghost workers, including relatives of former county employees and MCAs who received salaries without working.

"I have set structured and workable systems; it is now time to work. Performance contracting will enable my government to meet the targets we intend to achieve in this financial year,” he said. 

Public Service executive Paul Mbuni said performance contracts will enable the county government to evaluate its progress.

“Apart from being a legal requirement, performance contracting will enable us to come up with measures to address human resource issues like employee appraisals, promotion criteria and motivation among others,” Mbuni said.

Edited by R.Wamochie